inDomus-favicon_alphaWelcome. This path, composed of a few, simple steps, provides to the user who is completely starving of concepts related to home automation an overall picture what it is, how it works, what it serves and above all how to make it into proprio in an economic, organic and functional way.

You will discover how personal home automation rappresenti much more compared to just checking “a light bulb with a cell phone“, As it is really within the reach of everyone and every budget; of how it is not that monster of complexity and abstract concepts to which it is often associated.

La personal home automation it is something that can and must be done by itself - within the limits, of course, of proculture and ability.

Background - Definition of "personal home automation"

Chapter 1 - Introduction to home automation
Chapter 2 - Communication networks: the nervous system
Chapter 3 - Sensori: the sensory system
Chapter 4 - Actuators and devices: the muscles
Chapter 5 - BRIDGE/Gateway: the nerve ganglia
Chapter 6 - Automation central (HUB): brain, consciousness and will
Chapter 7 - The final management tools
Chapter 8 -  The HUB personal
Chapter 9 - How to choose a personale HUB