Actuators and devices: the muscles

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Training course on personal home automation - Chapter 4

Even the smartest of brains is useless without a muscle to move, vocal cords to vibrate or wills to be translated into actions. Similarly, even a domotic system needs its sensory organs (i sensors) and his brain (theHUB, which we will see to sguire), but also of elements to be activated and controlled in the face of explicit commands ("turn on a light") Or specific events (" when there are less than 18 degrees, heat it“).

The most common actuators and home automation devices on the market they have the ability to be piloted and controlled in a way autonomous e direct means appspecific licenses made available by productor of the component itself. Acquiring a little familiarity with the domotic world, it will be easy to be able to reason in terms more structural, aiming at that to integrate home automation devices in a unique environment rappresented by an environment that keeps under control and orchestras all devices in the home automation environment.


Actuators are - basic - elements of the domotic infrastructure usually a low intelligence, able to perform one and only one function (or so). Some types of actuators are:

  • switching lights / lights on / off (eg switches and home automation plugs);
  • alarm activation / deactivation;
  • motor activation / deactivation / regulation;
  • sending radio and / or infrared signals;
  • touch buttons;
  • siren



I devices they are more components instead complete, structured and intelligent, which are prothrown and made in order to accomplish complex actions and functions. We have always had objects of this nature, at home. Not all, however, are typically home automation / domotizable objects: hardly a washing machine can be considered an object of this type, while an air conditioner almost certainly yes.
Some examples of devices (domotic or domotizzabili) can be:

  • air conditioners, air conditioners;
  • thermal power plants, heat exchangers;
  • photovoltaic panels;
  • anti-theft systems (intended as complete systems);
  • smart TVs;
  • audio systems

and much more.

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