BRIDGE/Gateway: the brain (i)

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As explained above, the brain of a domotic environment is rappresented by one or more BRIDGE (o Gateway), or one or more systems able to simultaneously coordinate multiple components, they are "sensors","actuators"Or more generic and complex"devices"

Il BRIDGE (o Gateway) it is, conceptually, a technological element conceived by the progenerators of home automation solutions such as "collector" through which pass the commands to and from sensors, actuators and devices connected to it. In turn the BRIDGE connects (typically) to applicenses (for smartphones, tablets, computers) through which it is controlled - and therefore components connected to it are controlled in cascade.

It is not certain however that sensors, actuators and home automation devices should necessarily be controlled through a BRIDGE/GATEWAY, far from it: they exist many of these elements embody, besides the role for which they are conceived, also a role of mini-BRIDGE "of themselves". They have a profirst brain, to understand each other. An example of these is the temperature sensor Sonoff TH, which acts as a sensor and connects independently to the home W-Fi without needing some BRIDGE/Gateway.

In commerce they are found different models and types of BRIDGE/Gateway. A couple of examples:

In the case of the two BRIDGE above mentioned (Philips HUE Bridge e Ikea TRÅDFRI Gateway) these are two mainly dedicated components to the control of devices for thelumination (respectively of the line "Philips HUE"And" TRÅDFRI ").

A couple of examples of components controlled by these BRIDGE I'm:

In the first example we have two white and colored light bulbs in the series Philips Hue, while In the second we have abbinament of a wireless dimmer (regulator of luminosiness) and relative bulb, both of the line Ikea TRÅDFRI. Are BRIDGE/Gateway ZigBee/Wi-Fi, or on the one hand they dialogue through the proProtocol ZigBee (to the line actuators / sensors) and to the other with the Wi-Fi housekeeper.

Di BRIDGE there are many types, not only dedicated to thelumination: alarm systems, air quality, environmental monitoring are just some of the many areas of management of these fundamental components. Another BRIDGE (always ZigBee/Wi-Fi) the line is very well known Xiaomi, which allows to coordinate many devices / sensors / actuators of the type ZigBee.

Another particular conception of BRIDGE/Gateway is the one implemented by protransmission protocol Z-Wave, which plans to have At least one node controller (eg. Aeotec Z-Stick), but more than one of these may occur in order to expand the radio coverage. It is therefore a kind of BRIDGE/Gateway distributed.

As anticipated at the beginning, some home automation components are "BRIDGE of themselves": to take another example, the Broadlink RM Mini (an infrared actuator) does not need any BRIDGE/GAteway to work: connect directly, through the network Wi-Fi, To proman appcontrol statement.

Broalink RM Mini 3
il Broadlink RM Mini 3

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