Communication networks: the nervous system

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Training course on personal home automation - Chapter 2
Introduction to home automation

To ensure that the brain and muscles of our home automation system can "talk", it is necessary a true e profirst nervous system that, coming out of metaphor, is rappresent from ours home network.

It is in fact necessary (regardless of whether you want to use a control home automation system purchased and / or a carprolearned) the presence, in proenvironment, of a modem / router, typically the one provided by proyour internet / telephone connection provider.

In essence, the router has the role of creating within the environment in which it is placed - whether you are aware of it or nota "home network" that allows our devices (smartphones, computers, tablets etc.) and home automation components based on proProtocol TCP/IP to talk to each other and, if the requested data is on the Internet, with the rest of the worldwide network.

Therefore assumed that anyone with a modem / router at home in fact be it already equipped of the first of the components necessary to create a domotic environment: the nervous system, for theappanointed. The network, in fact, is necessary to ensure that all the various components can communicate with each other.

La profirst LAN TCP/IP (Wi-Fi/ Ethernet) is basically the privileged (and irreplaceable) channel through which to rest the profirst personal home automation; nevertheless they exist also other protocolli and technologies, Which Zigbee, Narrowband, Bluetooth, Infrared, Z-Wave and many others still, to dialogue with the standard TCP/IP, use BRIDGE/Gateway, specific components that we will analyze in prossime cards.

Route - Sensori