Update Searchnamento 1.3.0 for the custom component Home Assistant "Alexa Media Player”

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Important updatenamento for the (custom) component "Alexa Media Player“, Useful for integrating Amazon Alexa a Home Assistant in "modeMedia Player” (in order to reprocut music and more, as well as allow you to use the smart speaker as a voice notification system), which now leads to the version 1.3.0.

Nb This component should not be confused with tools useful for integrating Alexa with Home Assistant as a personal assistant (free o paid), or like tool for verbally controlling home automation.

The Update Searchnamedeserves a specific introduction news of two substantial innovations:

  • mode "Safe House”Conveyed by the creation at Home Assistant of a'entity of type "Alarm Control Panel";
  • implementation of the component at HASC (Home Assistant Community Store).

Furthermore, the older onenamesolves some bugs and definitively deprecates the service "media_player.alexa_tts"

"Safe House"

Although not yet available in Italy (it will be very short), Alexa's "Safe Home" mode allows the use of the smart speaker as true and proyour system alarm notification.

To arm / disarm this mode is sufficient pronunciare "Alexa, we're coming out "/" Alexa we're back": The highernameof the Alexa component Media Player"Allows you to equip yourself with aentity of type "Alarm Control Panel”(Alarm) so you can arm / disarm this mode via Home Assistant rather than by voice.

This rappresents a great advantage: instead of having to remember to arm / disarm the "Safe House" mode every time you exit, you can write aautomation (or add aaction to an already present) that proSee it automatically when you leave / return home.

Nb Appit is installed the highernamethe service does not appit will immediately come up: it will not work appena the "Safe House" service will also be officially launched in Italy (as mentioned, it is imminent).


Users will be able, starting with this 1.3.0 version of “Alexa Media Player”, Install / update the component no longer using the item custom_reports.xmlupdater (officially deprecated starting from prossima version) but exploiting practicality of the HACS panel, which allows you to install custom components (so no officially included in Home Assistant, like this one) directly from the graphical interface.

"Alexa Media Player”In 1.3.0 version it was finally added to the installable / updatable elements through the management tool.

To install and / or upgradenamento via HACS, manually remove the component e prosee reinstall it adding the repository:


to the sources of HACS itself.

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