Update Searchnamento 2.4.0 firmware for Homey

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Athom has released yesterday the mostnamento firmware of the proprio personal hardware HUB HOMEY which now leads to the 2.4.0 version.

The new firmware introduces the concept of "zone activity" (Zone Activity). At Homey, a "zone" rapplogically resists a room, a floor, a specific environment configured by the user. From today - using presence sensors (of any kind, they just need to be integrable with Homey) - it is possible to know the "status" of a specific area of ​​the house. Practically, the presence of people within an area conceived in this way determines its status "active", While an area that does not detect presence is considered" disabled ".

This conceptual automatism simplifies the management of flows (automations) of Homey: trivially, write an automation for triggering the alarm it's now very easy, not to mention theautomatic lighting of lights, air conditioning systems and the more you put it.

Homey - Zone Activity Flow

Obviously the areas can be nested, for example the "room" area can be part of the "first floor" area, which in turn can make part of the "home" area: obviously the relative states are logically connected accordingly (if a zone becomes active, the zone that contains it becomes active in turn, and so on).

All that remains is to update ours immediately Homey to the new 2.4.0 version; furthermore, to manage the zones it is also necessary to update theapp mobile, also released yesterday, which goes to the 2.6.0 version (both for iOS and Android).

More info are available at the blog Homey.

Homey - Updatenamento 2.4.0

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