"Safe House" by Alexa: greater home security through the smart speaker Amazon

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The rumor of last February is confirmed: the mode "Safe home”For users who use Amazon Alexa our country is also at the door.

But what is it?

Practically, Amazon has made the profirst assistant Alexa (and therefore all the devices Amazon Echo and compatible) a true e proyour security system able to identify break-ins and emergency conditions.

That function - in the United States called "Guard"- uses the ability to" listen "to Alexa in order to identify specific noises (the breaking of a glass, the alarm of a smoke sensor, or of flooding, the siren of an anti-intrusion alarm), interpret them and notify the user, via app mobile the specific alarm has been detected.

In practice, this function not only allows the detection of glass breakages, but also - implicitly - di to domotize pre-existing alarm systems e not natively home automation.

Let's imagine that we have un traditional alarm system totally unable to communicate with our personal domotics: except theadoption of techniques to make it such, an alternative solution will come rappreported by "Casa Sicura" of Amazon Alexa: the possible triggering of the alarm (for reasons inherent to the functioning logicnamento profirst, for example the detection of a break-in via a volumetric or other type of sensor) will be interpreted as such by Alexa, proseeing to notify the user via theapp mobile. A really nice feature - free, for other.

How to activate the service?

When available in Italy (you will be the first to be informed), once theapp - at which appan item called "Safe House" will appear - it will suffice pronunciare "Alexa, I'm / we're leaving"To get the smart speaker in" armo "mode; the other way around, pronunciare "Alexa, I am / we are back"To deactivate it.

Nb Obviously it is appropriate prospin at theapp Alexa la provoice and those authorized for use, in order to avoid that "the thief" can independently disable the automatic burglary notification service πŸ™‚

We will soon also see how to activate this mode completely automatically (based on the presence of tenants at home) thanks to the adoption of personal HUBdata and the integration of Amazon Alexa to them.

Meanwhile, we await news from Amazon!
More info on proSafe Home range are available at the site Amazon (in English).

Home Assistant Official LogoNb For lovers of Home Assistant: the Alexa component Media Player supports, starting from the 1.3.0 version, the management of this functionality - which means being able to arm / disarm it, if desired, completely automatically with respect to the presence / absence of the occupants.
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