Amazon presents new Echo (and a "check them all" ring)

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In the now usual September event Amazon he presented last night four new Echo / Alexa devices that renew the smart speaker line of the American home.

The news for these four (or rather five?) Smart speakers - some already available for booking from today - they are varied:

  • the new generation of Amazon Echo (3 generation): higher quality sound and a design more similar to the plus;
  • the new model Amazon Echo Flex, in practice an intelligent plug that allows you to position Alexa anywhere in the home simply by connecting it to the mains;
  • the new, spectacular model Amazon Echo Studio, expressly designed for listening to music quality (it is even compatible with the standard Dolby Athmos;
  • the new model Amazon Echo Dot (3 generation) with clock, in practice the same Echo Dot already on the market but with the time display function.

Finally, everyone was left speechless by the presentation of Amazon Echo Loop, "The ring of power" of Amazon: a ring to put your finger ... with Amazon Alexa inside! 😆

First of all: the ring!

in short, it seems that lately The Lord of the Rings is a theme that returns metaphorically in the domotic environment! Seriously, last night Amazon presented a prolearned that yes, it was already known as an initiative for some time, but nobody expected to see it presented on stage. So much so: here Loop Ring, a true e profirst ring as Alexa voice assistant.
For points:

  • to work use a bluetooth connection to the mobile phone;
  • the assistant is activated by pressing a button on the ring;
  • can vibrate, to notify you;
  • obviously, it speaks 😄 (the volume is what it is);
  • can be used to reject calls;
  • will be available in four sizes;
  • it is rechargeable wireless, the battery lasts a day.

This is definitely it breakthrough - how useful, we'll find out. The jewel it should cost around 200 euros, but it is all to see: we expect good and new from Amazon in terms of availability.

photo: The Verge

then: Amazon Echo 3 generazione

Finally Amazon update the Echo model and elevate it to the third generation. A design more in line with the Plus version, the usual four colors (blue-gray, anthracite, gray and melange gray), better bass quality: in fact the audio quality has been improved (now like that of Plus) thanks to the cone from 7,6cm for proto produce more detailed bass e profunds, especially using the reflex of any nearby walls.

Already bookable today at the launch price 99 of euros.

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Amazon Echo Flex

In this variation Alexa forgets the profirst vocation of furnishing element e is reduced to the essentials: an elementary component to be connected directly to the electric plug to equip each room with our favorite personal assistant. Obviously this model, in spite of the more essential aspect, in addition to the ordinary functionalities of Alexa can act as speaker (elementary) for the widespread listening of music in the home, in "chorus" with the other Echo present in the environment. It also has a convenient USB port to connect devices, for example, for charging.

Already bookable today at the launch price 29 of euros.

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Amazon Echo Studio

Without perhaps, it is the most awaited device of this presentation: great attention to design and sound quality to attack - obviously - the range of prolearned ofAppthe HomePod. Five quality tweeters from 2,5 cm, three midrange from 5 cm is a powerful woofer from 13,3 cm for prolast down provery deep and powerful (also thanks to the opening on the bottom to maximize the volume of air used), a total power of 330w: it is the perfect Alexa for listening to music.

Echo Studio in fact presents a technology that, as we said, closely resembles Appthe HomePods, or the one that allows them to perceive the shape of the environments around him (and related echoes and acoustic rebounds), adjusting accordingly delays and noise emissions from the various speakers, bringing the quality of listening to the top for this category of devices. Finally, he presents a DAC a 24 bit is a power amplifier with 100 kHz bandwidth for the reprohigh resolution music production, especially in havingnamento with Amazon Music HD, service through which it is possible to listen not only to music from all over the world, but also guaranteed as technically high quality (in fact, it supports the standard Dolby Athmos®).

Already bookable today at the launch price 199,99 of euros.

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Amazon Echo Dot (con orologio)

This is the well-known Amazon Echo 3 generation, but with a novelty: a display that indicates the time. A banality, perhaps, but this can be particularly convenient when setting timers (displaying the remaining time), as well as for the possibility of displaying the room temperature as an alternative. Like a modern clock radio, the lumidisplay brightness adjusts itself based on the lumisurrounding brightness.

Already bookable today at the launch price of 69,99 euro.

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The home page Amazon festively decorated for the launch of the new Echo.

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