Ambi Climate, the AI applicata to the conditionnameair supply

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Ambi Climate

Please note that a home automation actuator quite interesting, Ambi Climate, dedicated to management intelligent of saving - especially at this time of year - conditioned air.

This newly developed infrared actuator exploits artificial intelligence to always give those who use it an environment air-conditioned at best with an eye of particular attention to consumption.

Ambi ClimateAmbi Climate, by critical analysis of elementary information such as time, presence, temperature and humidity of the environment (detected by it), manages to shape an ideal scheme for switching on and adjusting the air conditioning effectively and economically.

Compatible with over 50 brands and 1.200 air conditioner models with remote control (infrared), Ambi Climate can be instructed to better understand the needs of its users through theapp dedicated (available for iOS e Android) which can also be used to check remotely switching on / off the conditioning systemsnamento.

Through the "Comfort mode"Just communicate toapp if you are hot or cold or in a comfortable situation, this is the engine of Artificial Intelligence appwill make the impact on the user of the various factors and, as these vary, will regulate the air conditioner automatically, creating a true e proprio Prowire of Personal Comfort. The air conditioner can also be managed in "Out of Home Mode”For the optimization of parameters even in cases of long absences from profirst home.

Il produttore, Ambi Labs, reports the current compatibility with the only one Amazon Alexa, while it is not indicated if and when compatibility will be available with Google Home e Appthe HomeKits. Not sapplet us consider if this interesting actuator can be indirectly integrated with our loved ones HUB personal by exposure, by the proproducer of public APIs.

We look forward to, if we have the chance, of provarlo for you.

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