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Appthe HomeKits

In an attempt that by now in the eyes of the appassionates may seem almost desperate, Appshe seems to want to revive her standard HomeKit, making it again what it was until only two or three years ago: a reference for personal home automation.

As sappiamo, especially in this last year HomeKit has definitely lost the pace due to incapacity on the part of Apple, to bring real innovations to the table, leaving rival ecosystems (one above all, Home Assistant or anyway others HUB personal) took over. As reported by Bloomberg, with a surprise move Apphe would indeed have published them well fifteen job advertisements dedicated to experienced engineers in IoT and related technologies in order to define a team that focuses on the hardware and software aspects of proHomeKit range.

It seems, in fact, that Appnot only have the intention to rethink or enhance the software component, but also the hardware one, trying to define (not sapplet's use the following methods: a new set of components compatible with this standard. As sappin fact, we are big players like Google and Amazon they already have thousands of components compatible with their ecosystems, while Apple HomeKit stops at a total of approximately (only) 500 elements. Really few to be able to say profirst in an area that grows every day.

Just think to the smart speakers: Amazon Echo e Google Home they are extremely functional, cost very little and therefore very common. Appthe HomePod, on the other hand, is a procertainly very high end, but has a dizzying cost, which is why indiscretions of The Verge would Appengaged in the realization of a mini version with an extremely more affordable cost.

How true we will find out in the coming months.

Appthe HomePod

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