Athom presents the new function "Homey Energy "

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With the highernamento 3.0 dell 'app management (per iOS e Android) and firmware, Athom introduces for his personal HUBhardware "Homey” a set of extremely practical and useful tools defined "Homey Energy"

The electrical absorption of household appliances is a particularly important factor in anyone's home: Athom knows this and, with Homey Energy, equip those who have made of Homey la proa central automation of domotic automation of an instrument not only for monitoring, but also for analyzing electricity consumption, so as to identify possible pockets of efficiency.

Homey Now it is in fact able to show an overview in real time of all your energy-absorbing devices. For example, if you adjust the lumibrightness of a lamp Philips Hue, we immediately see the impact on its energy consumption.

With the new function "Homey Energy ”, in fact, any component integrable with Homey that possesses, as an attribute, the degree of electrical absorption is automatically registered by Homey as a data source, so as to produrre the proaspect of home electrical absorption. But, given that most smart devices cannot measure the proenergy consumption (smart switches like the Sonoff POW, FIBARO Wall Plug, but also the mythical Aeotec Home Energy Meter and many others), Homey will estimate current consumption examining the status and specifications of the device. For example, if a light bulb is turned on at 80%, Homey derives energy consumption from the stand-by and "on" values. These values ​​are automatically provided by app install on Homey or they can be customized by the user himself.

Homey EnergyAnd when energy comes also prodotta, besides being consumed?
Homey now also takes into consideration the aspects of proelectricity production (for example from solar panels), providing the status of proproduction, the budget of production / consumption and the degree of efficiency of this plant and others.

Finally: the batteries. Homey from today it knows the type of batteries needed for the devices that can be integrated with it, signaling the user not only the exhaustion of the same, but also the type to be purchased for the replacement

More information on Home Energy is available at the Athom knowledge base.

Homey Logo - Alpha 128ATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Homey, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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