Fixed installation guide for HASSIO on Docker / Raspberry (3B / 3B + / 4B)

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After a few small ones proBlema, the finally seems usable back guide to install Home Assistant in distribution HASSIO on Docker, in turn running du Raspberry 3B / 3B + / 4B and operating system Raspbian Stretch or the brand new Raspbian Buster.

Apparently the official installation script is currently not working; we have corrected it in two different points also thanks to the indirect collaboration of one of our users, who reported the thing and indirectly helped us to solve for the benefit of all.

While waiting for the official script to be corrected, we have hosted the reworked and functioning version on our servers - the guide obviously uses ours for the moment.

ProWe will update the guide further appen we will have evidence of the variation of the official script.

The guide is available here.

How to install and configure Home Assistant (HASSIO) with Docker on a Raspberry Pi already in use

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