Hitachi presents Premium Frost Wash, the (very) intelligent air conditioner

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As we have been able to illustrate profirst this summer, to domotize the climate plant has basically two approcci: to make home automation an existing system or to have an air conditioner natively such.

In this second perspective Hitachi Cooling & Heating presents a new one protop scholar of profirst line of air conditioners for domestic use, the Premium Frost Wash.

Hitachi Premium Frost Wash

It is an air conditioner (therefore able to deliver both warm in winter and cold in summer) of A +++ class equipped with premium features both in terms of traditional functionality and in terms of domotic capacity.

Premium Frost Wash is the air conditioner with an intelligent and technological heart, equipped with exclusive functions such as the Holiday Mode. This allows you to set the functionnameheating at a minimum holding temperature (10 ° C - 16 ° C); in addition, Hitachi equips this new unit with innovative technology Frost Wash: developed in the research laboratories giappHitachi burden, automatically freezes and washes away dust, mold and impurities ensuring perfect hygiene, maximum efficiency and an always healthy and comfortable environment. With efficiency values ​​among the highest on the market and guaranteed performance up to -20 ° C, Premium Frost Wash is the ideal solution both for cooling off from the summer heat and when waiting for the centralized heating systems to switch on. It is indeed a perfect solution for the heating system both of second homes and of houses that are found in the hottest areas of Italy, where a traditional system may not have been provided.

As mentioned, the new Hitachi jewel is intelligent, and a lot: it allows a total consumption control for the current month and the previous one directly from the remote control via the INFO function. A presence sensor also checks whether there are people in the air-conditioned environment, so as to increase (thanks to the ECO mode) energy saving.

From a strictly domotic point of view, Premium Frost Wash allows you to set via the mode Holiday a maintenance temperature directly from tablets and smartphones. The heat pump function is indeed programmable through theapp Hi-Kumo (For iOS e Android) even in the event of an absence up to 99 days. This function can, of course, also be used for short-term absences (for example, working hours away from home).

Through the display lumion the front panel the operating datanamento they are visible at any time, even at night. Awarded with the Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Premium Frost Wash is available in two versions: matt white and silver.

The Premium Frost Wash guarantee, like all Hitachi Cooling & Heating residential air conditioners, is extended to 5 years. The adoption of Premium Frost Wash of Hitachi Cooling & Heating it is also possible to access 2019 tax deductions, such as ecobonus and thermal account.


In terms of personal home automation not sappLet us still see if it is in proby Hitachi, making it available (shortly or in the future) of a cloud with API access that allows to freely develop those components useful for integrating his own prolearned from HUB personal How Home Assistant e Homey; on this inDomus will remain sensitive to any news in this regard.

In terms of compatibility, no specification for now declared by Hitachi. We just have to wait!

All relevant details of this new air conditioner are available at the site of the proconductor.

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