HOT: BTicino renews its Living line and makes it home automation!

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BTicino Living-Now-Interior-WhiteNEW LIVING NOW LINE

- During a historical event the famous Italian / French brand took place last 12 June BTicino announced availability prossima venture of devices of the known line Living completely renewed not only in design but in functionality.

In collaboration with Netamo, BTicino has indeed prothrew and built a new line procalled "Living Now“, Which includes a series of components with“ plate ”assembly including switches and sockets. These components, once installed in the environment, will report to a BRIDGE (or "gateway”) With which they will communicate through the proProtocol ZigBee; will finally be the gateway to dialogue with the Wi-Fi and therefore with ours final management tools.

As for this the news is particularly juicy, as the Living Now line will be natively compatible with the instruments Google Home e Appthe Home Kits. This high degree of compatibility translates, for those who already enjoy centralized home automation based on solutions based on HUB personal, in a very high degree of integrability.

Furthermore, the compatibility with the aforementioned standards also extends to intelligent speakers such as those Google Assistant e Appthe HomePod, as well as - in a post-market launch phase - Amazon Alexa, which will allow us to control the functions through voice commands.

BTICINO Functions-Smart-Living-Now-Command-Scenario

The new components of this line will allow the management of three basic functions: illumination, energy and management tapparelle. These basic functions will be controllable and automatable through theappLiving Now location, which will be available for both Google Android that for Appthe iOS.

This new line products, in technical terms, not Rappwill in no way constitute an obstacle for installers, who will be able to install these systems like the promore “traditional” products of the previous Living line. Downstream of the pose, the prohome automation installation certificate is very simple: just turn on the gateway and connect it to Wi-Fi and then to theappfor Android or iOS. He will automatically identify all the compatible components present in the environment, thus making them available for use.

As per tradition, BTicino has paid particular attention not only to the technical realization but - as always - also to the aesthetic aspect: well 16 different types of plates and 3 cover keyboards will allow users to choose style / color combinations more suited to the environments that will host these components. Furthermore, theappMobile augmentation allows already today, through the use of augmented reality, to pre-visualize on the screen the various color and style combinations of plates and covers directly on the wall of the house.

We can't wait to get our hands on these new components to be able to do it apprezzare features and functionality. For the moment, we refer you to direct link to the mini-site set up by BTicino to get all the detailed information of the case.

BTICINO Finishes-Fronts-Living-Now-Oak

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