HOT - Google announces with Nest la profirst revolution in home automation

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As part of the annual convention Google I/O, ongoing in these days of May, Google announced - among other things - la pronew strategy for domotics, which sees prothe brand absorbed in the 2014, Nest.

Nest is one of the most popular and valuable brands in the field of personal home automation. To give an example, one of his promost well-known products we have been able to evaluate is the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Will prothis brand first takes on all the components and solutions in the field of personal home automation on behalf of the Mountain View giant: starting from promonths we will see names like disappear Google Home, Google Assistant to see them replaced (proprobably) from Nest Home, Nest Assistant and so on. From here on, Google home automation will be completely managed and delivered - at least in terms of components, from Nest. The certification of prodotti will have the words "Works with Google Assistant".

Google I / O 2019 was the occasion for this important announcement as well as for the presentation of the first one prolearned baptized under this union: it is the Nest Hub Max, a direct evolution of the known Google Home Hub (now renamed Nest Home Hub), a sort of smart speaker with touch screen and interface. This new model will differ from the larger display and more qualitative features on the electronic and counter frontproaudio production.

Nest Hub Max - Nest Hub

Nest Hub Max it will also be equipped with a front camera, not a great evolution if not in the use that the device will make of it: Google (pardon, Nest) introduces facial recognition - for the execution of private functions - as well introduction of gesture (for example being able to start / stop the music with a gesture of the palm of the hand). The device follows Nest Home Hub on other functions: integration with other components Nest, with YouTube and so on.

Indicated the price of Nest Hub Max (Initial 229 $) and international availability (US, UK and Australia), while - good news - the younger brother will also be available in Italy shortly Nest Home Hub, which will be positioned on a price range of 129 euro at the Google store.

Google I/O 2019


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