HOT: Google Nest reopens (finally) to the integrations

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NEST Learning Thermostat V3 - FrontalAfter frozen shower last May in which Google announced the closure, as part of the absorption of protop leader Nest, of the cloud dedicated by the latter to developers (which allowed users to define access token future integration of the components Nest) starting from the 31 last August, now the renovated programma "Works with Google Assistant"It seems, by the same statement as Google, to open again in that sense.

As especially the owners of components Nest all the integrations based on the API provided up until then by the cloud will be well aware, starting from September 1st Nest have ceased to function, leaving for theappthousands of users in distress Nest users of the HUB personal who, from morning to evening, have lost the ability to centrally control such previously integrated devices.

In light of a post published directly by Big G firewall prothat, after the complete revision of the protechnical transfers aimed at guaranteeing privacy and security for users, the Mountain View giant is proready to get back on their feet that much desired component useful to interface to the cloud Nest and, therefore, ai prorelated products.

In practice, Google announces, within programma now renamed "Works with Google Assistant", The following news:

  • Device Access, an proprogram dedicated to qualified partners that will allow them to request secure access and device control Nest in their app and solutions;
  • Home Routines, or rather features similar to those already present in the ecosystem will be offered to end users Amazon Alexa: it will therefore be possible to relate more components, even than prodifferent conductors, as long as they are compatible with programma "Works with Google Assistant"). This means that it will be possible to define automations directly at Google Assistant, turning it from a "simple" assistant to something closer to a HUB true and proprio;
  • Device Access for Individuals, what we are most interested in and what we have been waiting for, or the possibility for end users to define profirst development sandbox to define, again, access token of access to API of the Google cloud. This will shortly, we assume, the development of new integration components for devices Nest, allowing full integration with our loved ones again HUB personal.

The API related to Device Access e Device Access for Individuals are already available, while for Home Routines we will have to wait for the new year. For those who want more information on the API, il link this is.

Good news, therefore, from Google, which does not disappoint those who had received the news of the abandonment of the programma “Works with Nest"But that he expected, sooner or later, a new opening in this sense in the new programma "Works with Google Assistant". Google knows perfectly the importance of the concept of integration and these news are progoes tangible.

We just have to wait for developments on which, as always, we will not fail to inform you.

22 / 10 UPDATE

It seems that the programma - useful to users - Device Access for Individuals will not open its doors before 2020. Bad news in good news.

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