The line onlumiTRÅDFRI nation of IKEA now compatible with gateway ZigBee Xiaomi

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Xiaomi Gateway


From today, if you already have a gateway of the line "Smart Home"Of Xiaomi, it will be possible to buy light bulbs IKEA of the line TRÅDFRI with greater lightness, without needing the gateway ad hoc of the Swedish house.

IKEA and Xiaomi in fact they have stipulated a technical-commercial agreement that will allow all users who already use the line to proXiaomi-based products proProtocol Zigbee to check, from the same BRIDGE/Gateway, also all proproducts of the IKEA TRÅDFRI line, which are in fact based on the same protocollo, lo ZigBee.


The assumption it will not be otherwise: it will continue to be impossible to control Xiaomi or other compatible components Zigbee through gateway TRÅDFRI. Nevertheless, the news is juicy because those who already own the gateway Xiaomi may, if it has integrated with propri personal HUB(Home Assistant, openHAB etc.) check IKEA devices without particular changes to the profirst configuration: once the IKEA device is paired with the gateway Xiaomi, that component apparirà automatically also at the proprio personale HUB, with everything that follows.

Let us remember, for the love of news, in case of use (highly recommended) of personal HUBsoftware that all these components can be controlled through a BRIDGE/Gateway standard based on deCONZ.

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