HOT - HomeKit TV support released with Appthe iOS 12.2

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Finally Apphas released the wait, new version of its mobile operating system iOS, which it brings at the 12.2.

Many are the news, among which the one for us lovers of particularly interesting domotics, or the relative one to the evolution of projet Appthe HomeKits.

As anticipated weeks ago, Apphas in fact decided to open the proprio procast so as to allow the productors (eg Sony, LG, Samsung) to easily equip the profirst Smart TV - through updatesnamefirmware update - by the proHomeKit tocollo, which opens up a whole series of functions that can be controlled via iPhone / iPad (e Mac with macOS Mojave or above to come) as well as through Siri.

Once updated the iOS devices to the 12.2 version and once the TV firmware is updated (not appen available) will be possible add this to theapp "Home" as if it were a common component compatible Appthe HomeKits.

Appel HomeKit TV 4

This done, it will be possible to control the TV in terms of switching on, switching off, selecting inputs and more.
And maybe probefore this "other"To be particularly interesting, but before illustrating what a premise is, it is a must.

The choice of Appin allowing the producers to make le proprie Smart TV HomeKit-compatible is born from the will of the Californian company to expand i propri domains attacking a new sector, that of streaming audiovisual content. Together with the availability of the 12.2 version of iOS, Apphe also announced the prossima availability of a series of named services Appthe TV + e Appthe Channels which, through aapp universal ("Appthe TVs“, Available soon not only for devices Apple, but also for smart TVs based, for example, on webOS and Android) will be able to to be enjoyed by abbonamento.

Practically, the version AppNetflix services.

It goes without saying therefore that the possibility of combining the probefore Smart TVapp "Home" and the ability to install on the Smart TV in question theapp "Apple TV "will allow us to control the latter directly from the smartphone / table or via Siri.

Appel HomeKit TV 2

We will therefore be able to manage not just turning on / off, but also the volume, the progress of the movie, the languages, the subtitles, as well as asking Siri to turn on the TV and resume from where we stopped in looking at a content of the world "Apple TV ”, or to search for specific contents.

Finally, once the probefore Smart TV at theapp "Home", it will be treated as a common HomeKit device, which opens, for example, to the definition of the classic automations achievable in this environment.

Appel HomeKit TV 1

For example it will be possible define automations and prosee if the TV switches off automatically when leaving the house, or if specific HomeKit compatible lights are switched on and / or off (for example on the line Philips Hue) against its ignition.

In conclusion: upgrade to iOS 12.2 immediately, waiting for that - hopefully soon - i proTV producers update the firmware of our Smart TV as soon as possible.

Nb The Smart TVs more dated probabilmente will not be updated in this sense, but there is no need to despair: through the aid of Homebridge along with a specific plugin (for example homebridge-webos-tv for old LG TVs or homebridge-sony-television for Sony) it will still be possible to achieve the goal of controlling the profirst TV via iOS.


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