HOT - Updatenamento 1.1.1 for Home Assistant Companion Android version

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Perhaps one among the most awaited news among users Home Assistant who use the (new) app Home Assistant Companion for their smartphones / tablets: the 1.1.1 version (32) is FINALLY available to define “Device Tracker”, Or the localization system useful to define in-home automation (and more).

It is therefore possible to abandon, from today, the third-party integrations in favor of the most effective, secure and flexible native integration offered by theapp Companion.

Home Assistant Companion 1.1.1 for Android

To activate the function it is necessary to update theapp, open it, log out, restart Home Assistant after which, upon restarting, prosee the new logon via theapp mobile (attention: the copy-paste of the password seems to cause a crash of theapp, prosee to enter the password by hand.

The new version, as mentioned, defines a type entity "Device Tracker"Equipped with all the typical attributes of entities of this type:

Home Assistant Companion 1.1.1 for Android - Device Tracker

Obviously, the state will report the presence with respect to any "areas”Defined in the configuration.

N.b. As explained also on the card of theapp, remember to activate or "default_config:"Or"mobile_app:"In configuration, otherwise the locator will not work.

To download and install theapp, link this is.

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