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The developer of Sonoff-Tasmota (the popular custom firmware for devices based on ESP8266 SOC chips including those of the family ITEAD Sonoff Smart Home and many others) released the new version of his work, which now leads to the version 6.6.x.

This new version embodies a whole series of improvements, including many of those collected by 6.5.


The evolution of the support continues al proProtocol TLS, specifically implemented to provide secure two-way communications to those who want to manage a remote MQTT broker based on the cloud services of Amazon (Amazon Web Service, or AWS). Obviously this implementation does not affect those who use a local broker.

From this version TLS evolves, however, abandoning support for the 2.3.0 core. Anyone wishing to exploit TLS will necessarily have to use compiled 2.4.2-based or higher.

Other specific novelties related to the 6.6 release are:

  • removed the automatic MQTT telemetry message related to uptime;
  • revised the HTML output of the webserver;
  • fixed the malfunctionnameof the emulator Philips HUE that did not allow control via Alexa;
  • added emulator support Philips HUE for color management via Alexa;
  • added commands LedMask e LedPowerX for timely control of any LEDs available on the board in use;
  • added compatibility to a series of new devices and sensors;
  • added support for Shelly 2.5 for monitoring absorption and overheating;
  • added template support to Shelly 1PM;
  • added support for Shelly L1

e more.
The complete list of (tens) variations is available here.

The Update Searchnameis recommended; as always, we suggest the adoption of TasmoAdmin for prosee morenameof all propri Sonoff-Tasmota in one solution.

Nb This version has been released compiled via core 2.3.0 after the many proproblems encountered in the previous version (compiled with 2.4.x) relatively to continuous disconnections Wi-Fi.

The pre-compiled firmware (2.3.0 core) is available here.
The pre-compiled with other cores are however also available here 2.4.2 e here 2.5.2.
For those coming from versions prior to 6.x, there is a migration path which explains how prosee atupgrade.

Side note: in the light of this updatenameIn any case, it is legitimate to wait for the next onenameof the version fork by stefanbode dedicated to the specific management of tappelectric arrays. We'll inform you appena should go out.

ITEAD Sonoff BasicATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Sonoff (and more generally to devices ESP8266), for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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