LG appliances increasingly domotic thanks to LUMI

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LG Partnership-LUMI

Compatibility, that feature much sought after by users - including us - begins, slowly and inexorably, to conquer i products (not just "home automation" in the strict sense) on the market.

It's the turn of LG, well-known company proKorean manufacturer of household appliances (and other), which announces the imminence of the fair IFA of Berlin a very interesting partnership with LUMI United Technology, a company well known to apphome automation enthusiasts as mother of the component line Aqara.

LUMI Aqara, as is known, is a line of components based on proProtocol ZigBee and consists of many different elements such as sensors, actuators, systems of thelumination and much more. For its part, LG instead it has been known for decades for the wide range of appliances of all types, from the conditioning systemsnameto refrigerators, from televisions to sound systems.

This partnership rappit is a win-win for both LG and LUMI: the latter will benefit from the great visibility offered by a name like LG, while the proAppliance manufacturer will be able to market a large number of natively connected appliances in advance of many competitors. The technologies used will be proprobably the Wi-Fi and ZigBee: the latter protocollo, like sappiamo, is widely used by LUMI for proproducts of its Aqara line.

Sensorand thermal, humidity and Aqara pressure

The LG Home Executive Director Appliance & Air Solutio Ryu Hye-Jung he said: "We are excited about the collaboration with LUMI and to share our innovative idea of ​​smart home with IFA visitors. Through this partnership, LG will develop an interconnected domestic ecosystem to enable consumers to enjoy innovative and intuitive technology, expanding solutions for the Smart Home suitable for buildings and cities of the future ”.

The first prolearned by the effects of this partnership will be theLG WK7, a smart speaker (based on Google Assistant) which - after updatingnamento firmware - will be able to connect with the il systemlumination Aqara LED Bulb, allowing us to change settings via voice commands. What we are most interested in, however, is the list of news in terms of true e propri appliances connected (a refrigerator that exhibits the average temperature, a washing machine that allows it to be monitored and so on).

Stay tuned. An autumn is waiting for us very hot.

LG Partnership-LUMI


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