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News on the horizon for the lucky line products Philips HUE, which after the summer should be enriched with new models and novelties.

First of all, it seems that finally Philips will make available a smart plug which, attesting to it on a wall plug, will make it possible to domotize any household appliance or flying spotlight, exactly as other models do today such as the well-known Eve Energy or others similar solutions.

To date it is still unclear whether this actuator will be manageable independently or will be required Philips HUE Hub (or similar devices) to control it; furthermore the possibility that it is a natively compatible component is not remote Appthe HomeKits. It is not given to know if the actuator will be able - in addition to the ignition / switch-off management - to expose metrics of absorption of the users connected to it.

The price should be around thirty euros.

Philips HUE Filament

Another interesting novelty, the introduction of light bulbs (probased on technology ZigBee like the existing ones) characterized from the "filament" configuration (LED, obviously, low consumption): a particularly pleasant aesthetic solution, especially when the bulbs are mounted on sight or on design lamps.

Revisions are also announced for the bulbs in G10 format already in the catalog, for those dedicated to thelumination of mirrors and a revised version of the design for theapprezzata Philips HUE Go.

We just have to enjoy the summer and wait for the autumn for the official presentation of all these new ones products.

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