Omnia Genius: artificial intelligence at the service of consumption

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Omnia Genius Boxed


- AEInnovation, a company based in Cosenza proe proproduction of home automation solutions presents to the market Omnia Genius, a dedicated innovative multifunctional component to the management and monitoring of the most common domestic functions which has already won the prestigious European Certificate of Excellence SoE H2020.

Omnia Genius it is a smart box designed to concentrate on itself the most common home automation functions starting from the analysis of electricity consumption and therefore energy saving: aapp dedicated allows users to monitor (even remotely) the profirst electrical consumption and, in the case of proautonomous production through photovoltaic panels, analyze the actual efficiency in terms of balance between the proconsumption and distribution on the network.

The solution proposted by AEInnovation exposes three main functions, namely INFORMATION, OPERATES e THERMO. INFO, the first to be available, is destined to the census of the domotic functions, first of all the energy sector, as explained above. AZIONA and TERMO will be available shortly and will allow the management / control of home automation devices and co-ordinationsnameof climate components.

Omnia Genius

Omnia Genius it is a true e proits integrated system composed of gateway (ie a BRIDGE) able to control various peripherals, such as thermostats, IR Extenders, sirens, webcams, smart plugs (intelligent plugs), contact, movement / presence, temperature / humidity sensors, luminosiness, smoke and flooding. All these devices communicate with the gateway through ZigBee e Z-Wave, with the exception of the webcam, which communicates with the system via TCP/IP.

The TERMO function will activate, via proProtocol ZigBee/Z-Wave, the thermostats that will be present in the compatibility list indicated by AEInnovation, which currently consists of a device of URMET brand (controllable with proProtocol ZigBee).

While all the devices present in the market use passive logics for switching on and off a device remotely via smartphone or according to a prouser-defined time schedule, theOmnia Genius is equipped with active intelligent logics, defined: desired and suggested function.

In particular, these functions allow one progenerated time span from the Omnia Genius to the occurrence of certain conditions not proprogrammable, and furthermore, suggestions for modifications following the carappdevice performance. Omnia Genius has obtained a European patent recognized by the European Patent Office (EPC) for the uniqueness of innovation.

Moreover, the idea proOmnia Genius has received, on 19 December 2017, the prestigious one Seal of Excellence from the European Commission for the SME Instrument financing scheme ph.1 in ProHorizon2014 2020-2020 Research and Innovation program. There promail was found to be “high quality in a prohighly competitive evaluation process ".

Omnia Genius Cable

A inDomus the proconductor confirmed that in the future an IoT infrastructure will be available which will expose the API in order to expand its functionality and compatibility. Obviously, our thoughts go immediately to our loved ones HUB personal.

For any additional information, we refer you to the website of proconductor.

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