Onelink presents Safe & Sound: the smoke sensor that plays Rock

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Onelink Safe & Sound - Ceiling mounted


- Is it a smoke sensor? Yup.
Is it a wireless speaker? Also. The American Onelink presents an all-in-one device, a small component useful to intercept the presence of smoke and, at the same time, a good quality wireless speaker to listen to music from your devices: the Onelink Safe & Sound.

Onelink Safe & Sound is a component of limited dimensions (square base of 17 cm sideways for 6 cm. of profoundation) to be mounted on the ceiling or wall and able to detect presence, by photoelectric sensor, of fire and smoke, as well as the extremely dangerous carbon monoxide.

Onelink Safe & Sound - Angled

Under these conditions, Onelink Safe & Sound connects to proman app"Onelink Firstalert" (available for Appthe iOS e Google Android) and notify the user an alarm to allow you one pronto interventor. As expected from this type of technology, this feature is obviously guaranteed even remotely, thanks to the use of the cloud offered by Onelink and his app.

Another interesting feature guaranteed by theappOnlink Firstalert is to turn on, off and adjust the theluminight nation - iridescent LED - offered by the device.

Onelink Safe & Sound - Assembly

Finally, Onelink Safe & Sound includes the speaker functionality not only for the riproproduction of your favorite music (it is recognized by appmost common streaming music licenses and will soon support the standard Appthe AirPlay2), but is also able to act like a true e profirst smart speaker Amazon Alexa: it will be possible not only to be notified by a guide in the event of smoke / fire / monoxide, but also to interact with it (and with the remaining home automation compatible with this standard) through the characteristic capacities of the powerful personal assistant by Amazon.

Onelink Safe & Sound - Music services compatibility

It will therefore be possible, among other things, to interact with Onelink Safe & Sound by asking questions on the weather, on the news, and command it through direct commands based on natural language.

The device is powered by an electrical network and has buffer batteries for maintaining the configuration and the smoke / fire / monoxide detection function.

Onelink Safe & Sound - Mounting kit

The functionalities of the Onelink Safe & Sound they are guaranteed footnamecompatible with Appthe HomeKits and, as mentioned, with Amazon Alexa and her skills. No specific compatibility with Google Home despite, as mentioned, the component has - for alarms and other features - the Google Android version of proman applished here.

Currently no compatibility is reported to Homebridge (However useless, given the native compatibility with Apple HomeKit) nor towards Home Assistant nor openHAB (no component available today). For more clarification on these compatibility scenarios we recommend reading this guide of ours.

We just have to wait for the arrival of this device to test its strengths and weaknesses in the field.

More information is available at the site of the proconductor.

Onelink Safe & Sound - Front Onelink Safe & Sound - Lateral

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