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Broadlink  RM  Pro

As explained also in the card dedicated to theUpdate Searchnamento 0.92 of Home Assistant released on the night of 25 last April, this updatenamebrings with it - among other things - an important change of approccio in component management Broadlink.

Starting from the 0.92, in fact, Home Assistant has of two new services:

  • broadlink.learn
  • broadlink.send

which serve respectively for acquire and send infrared and / or radio frequency codes, replacing previously available services.

These services are available after adding one or more entities in the configuration "Switch"Platform"Broadlink"Exactly as was done previously:

#Esempio di switch learner
  - platform: broadlink
    mac: 'XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX'
    timeout: 30
    type: rm_mini
        friendly_name: "Learner"
        command_on: ''
        command_off: ''

Where is it "host”Indicates the IP of the Broadlink to use.
From here, however, the differences begin.

While previously to 0.92 to send a code directly from an automation, from a script etc. the syntax was of this type:

- service: switch.broadlink_send_packet_192_168_1_10
    packet: "--codice_da_inviare--"

the new changes in this way:

- service: broadlink.send
    packet: "--codice_da_inviare--"

In essence, the service no longer exists "switch.broadlink_send_packet_X"Linked to the switch but only the service"broadlink.send ", which is used to send the code indicated in the payload also the IP of the Broadlink.

It is therefore necessary to modify the proconfiguration in relation to this change.

For code acquisition, it is possible to evoke the service broadlink.learn from the dedicated section "Services"Present on the frontend:

Home Assistant - Services - Broadlink Learn

It will then be sufficient to select the service and, at “Service Data“, Indicate the payload:


where obviously "ip_del_broadlink”Is the IP of the device to be used to acquire the codes.
By clicking on "Call Service" it will therefore be possible to acquire the codes in the usual manner.

In alternative, remember the code acquisition mode means Broadlink Manager on Windows.


Also SmartIR, the popular custom component to define entities of different nature (air conditioners, fans, ripromultimedia producers) controllable via Broadlink Infrared / radio frequency has undergone an important change.

Since the service for sending codes has changed as explained above, too SmartIR - who uses it - has changed accordingly.

After updating it (download directly from here or it is sufficient to evoke the service from frontend "smartir.update_component") And before restarting Home Assistant it is necessary to modify the configuration of any entity generated with this component.

The change is simple: just change this line:

controller_send_service: switch.broadlink_send_packet_192_168_1_10

(obviously the IP is an example) in this:


At this point after restarting Home Assistant everything should come back to work properly.

Guide inDomus

All guides and projets on the site that referred to the old component "Broadlink RM Switch”Have been updated with the new contents and operating methods described above.

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