PROMO! Autumn is coming: Kit Tado° Thermostatic head on offer on Amazon!

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The cold season is approaching and with it the opportunity to raise the technological level and to energy efficiency of prohabitat. As sappHence, great benefit comes from the adoption of intelligent thermostatic heads which, thanks to their domotic characteristics, allow a punctual control - also automatic - and efficient for the emission of domestic heat.

Let us therefore mark an Interesting offering Amazon valid, as often happens ... not sappiamo for how much! 😀

Tado° Thermostatic Head -in KIT V3 +!- The79,99 € instead of 129,99 €!

Thermostatic Head tado° v3 kit

Well the 50 euro discount for the ideal starter kit for those who want to introduce the home automation control of propri household radiators through technology Tado°.

Il Kit includes:

  • a Tado° Intelligent Thermostatic Head;
  • il Tado° Internet Bridge and power supply;
  • 2 AA batteries;
  • set of mounting adapters;
  • USB and Ethernet cables.

The inDomus review of the smart head Tado° is available here!

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