Radical change in Alexa integration as "Media Player"Of Home Assistant

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Thank you to the report of one of our users, Paolo Tuninetto (whom we thank on behalf of all), we have proquickly to update one of the most used guides by users Home Assistant (what's this?) / Alexa, or the one that illustrates how to integrate one or more Alexa smart speakers to profirst home automation Home Assistant as "Media Player", Which enables among other things to "make people talk Alexa"For the purpose (among other things) of using it as a voice notification system.

Il substantial change derives from the new - facilitated - integration mode of the custom component used for this guide, or “Alexa Media Player”, Which from the recent 2.2.0 version no longer includes the whole macchoppy manual configuration activity but the "only" configuration via graphical interface Lovelace di Home Assistant.

The guide is al usual post.

Amazon Echo Dot - colors

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