Tado° air conditioning at about half price on offer on Amazon!

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Tado Intelligent Air Conditioner V2

We report a super time offer on Amazon: Tado° Intelligent air conditioner, the device to make home automation any traditional conditioner in super offer a 100 € instead of 180! A very interesting offer especially in view of the beautiful season:

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Tado° Intelligent Air Conditioner is a device that we have been able to test recently: it is a solution from the German Tado GmbH conceived as we said to practically domotize any modern air conditioner which is not, basically, equipped with technological interfaces such as to allow not only an alternative control to the usual remote control, but also through ignition schedules linked to the time of day and even the actual presence of tenants. Interesting then the high degree of automation (for example, automatic activation of cooling or heating when approaching at home) offered by the integration with the personal HUBsuch as Home Assistant, Homebridge, Domoticz, openHAB etc.

The review is available here.


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