Tado° presents the new "Smart Air Conditioner", now in V3 + version

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Tado° V3 Intelligent Air Conditioner + Single unit

The German Tado° presents the major to the consumer worldnamento of his already lucky "Intelligent air conditioner“, Thus completing the alignment of all the solutions in the catalog to the version V3 +.

Il "Smart Air Conditioner Tado°" is a solution designed for to domotize practically any modern air conditioner (controlled via infrared) which is not, basically, equipped with technological interfaces such as to allow not only an alternative control to the usual remote control, but also through ignition schedules related to the time of day and even the actual presence of the tenants .

Compared to V2, the new version V3 + brings with it several important news.

First, app management mobile associated with V3 + adopts the business model already seen in the new version of the Intelligent thermostat: it provides a series of "premium" services, such as geolocation and data collectionnestre open. The first allows the air conditioner to be switched on and off automatically with respect to the presence of the tenants, the second to optimize cooling in the event of an opening detectionnestking.

Tado° V3 + Intelligent Air Conditioner App V3 +

These premium-rate services are charged 2,99 euros per month or 24,99 euros per year and can be purchased directly within theapp; in the V2 version of the Intelligent Air Conditioner these services were (are, as the V2 is still on the market, but not for long) included.

Altra big difference is in the presence - finally full support to the standard Appthe HomeKits, which was not available in the V2 version and was obtainable only through the adoption of HUB such as, for example, personal Homebridge.

Finally the price, which passes from the 170 euros approximately required for the V2 version to "solo" 100 € for the V3 + (net, of course, of having to spend a certain monthly / annual fee to have access to all the functions previously present included in the cost in the V2 version).

On inDomus we have dedicated a punctual card which describes the functionalities of the proas well as the differences in detail between the V2 and V3 +.

Tado° V3 Intelligent Air Conditioner + Packaging