The entire catalog Tado° on sale! (proRogata)

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EDIT: Offer prorogate past midnight of 10 December!

Offers continue for Christmas 2019!
Only up to midnight Today great offer (with discounts up to 43%!) on all components Tado° (here all our reviews)

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in detail:

tado° Smart Thermostat Basic Kit V3 + - 20191209 flashtado° Intelligent thermostat ProAdditional product - 20191209 flash
Tado° Smart Thermostatic Head Base Kit V3 + - 20191209 flashtado° V3 + Intelligent Air Conditioning Control - 20191209 flash
tado° Intelligent Thermostatic Head - 20191209 flashtado° Smart Thermostat, V3 + Base Kit with 2 Intelligent Thermostatic Heads - 20191209 Lightning
tado° Intelligent Thermostatic Head - Four Pack - 20191209 flash

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