The philosopher's stone of domotics: Powahome is born

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- It is a Roman excellence that creator of birth, presented to the world of domotics and IoT protoday, of devices Powahome, devices that we do not hesitate to define true and profirst philosopher's stones in view of an economic and sustainable domotics.

Powahome it takes its name from the reality that conceived and created it: it is a question of a Roman start up funded by LVenture Group and from a group of Business Angel, accelerated by LUISS EnLabs, which announces protoday the launch on the Italian market of these innovative devices for smart home.

Powahome device
Powahome mounted next to a traditional fruit

The Powahome system basically serves to control locally and remotely switches, electric sockets and motorized blinds, does not require control units and is installed in 2 hours only without modifications to the existing electrical system.

The devices are so small that they can be installed in the electrical installation boxes thus joining the existing switches (see image). The pre-existing mechanical switches continue to work, but becoming true e propri home automation actuators.

With Powahome the actuators become controllable from anywhere in the world thanks to aapp for smartphone customizable according to user needs. The system works with technology Wi-Fi and does not need additional control units to install and configure because yes appnow on the network already used at home to browse the internet.

Powahome InstallationPowahome currently integrates with the voice control system Google Home (Assistant) and will soon be compatible with Appthe HomeKits, Amazon Echo (Alexa) and with the main home automation control systems such as IFTTT e SmartThings.

Asked by us, the two startuppers as well as brothers Michele and Pasquale Longo confirm that for their Powahome design system interfacing APIs will soon be released, which means open to developers around the world and, consequently, to the possibility in the development of plugins / components /addon for the majors HUB personal.

inDomus strives for integrated, open and centralized personal domotics, therefore we receive this news with great enthusiasm. We hope that the API release will take place as soon as possiblenamepossible and we hope that the Powahome development team will be the same release the components useful for integration on our home automation systems HUB-centriche.

In the meantime, our best wishes and congratulations go to the Powahome team.
We do not see time to be able to provare and review for you these new, innovative devices.

More information on the Powahome website.

Powahome App

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