Offer (on time?) On the beautiful Nanoleaf Canvas!

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The beautiful (and reasonably non-economic) Nanoleaf Canvas they are, in their declination in kit (nine tiles, interconnectors and power supply), in strong discount on Amazon in an offer that isn'tappLet's look if in time (what proavailable) or not, well 30 euro discount.

Nanoleaf Canvas

As we have been able to illustrate in our review, Nanoleaf Canvas is a beautiful system of thelumilow consumption nation based on interconnected multicolour led tiles, which allows to literally give life to the walls of the house.

The tiles of Canvas they can be mounted by creating the shapes that they believe most, then succeeding through home automation (via app Nanoleaf, but also through personal HUN, for example Home Assistant) to give life not only to schemes of thelumination static but also dynamic, thanks to the integrated microphones that measure the noise of the room, or via predefined sequences. Another interesting implementation, climate notifications (and others) via Nanoleaf e Home Assistant.

Nanoleaf Canvas it's compatible Appthe HomeKits; forward the tiles they are all touch, which allows you to define gestures for their behavior.

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Nanoleaf Canvas