VDOO discovers security flaws in the FOSCAM IP Cams

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- VDOO, a well-known American company that is fighting for the safety of IoT devices, has identified these days a series of serious security flaws on some of the IP Cams of the promanufacturer FOSCAM.

Without going too far into the technician, these vulnerabilities, if used, can provide the attacker full administrative control to the device, giving him the opportunity to take them appunto full control.

VDOO has already contacted the security team of the promanufacturer FOSCAM in order to allow a quick resolution of the proproblem, which prowill probably be expressed in the update publicationnamesoftware for the devices involved.

Although it is of a serious flaw, VDOO specifies that at the moment there is no exploit that allows attackers to exploit these vulnerabilities on FOSCAM IP Cams.

As for who of us owns one of the IP Cams involved and which you use, for the propria domotica, a solution based on HUB personal it can be relatively quiet, as with this type of configuration any malicious outside the network Wi-Fi domestic they cannot harm in any way.

In fact, when the IP Cam video streams are channeled through Homebridge and / or Home Assistant it is not necessary to expose the IP Cam (s) to the WAN Internet, indirectly securing us.

As a form of caution and good habit, we remind anyone with an IoT device (be it an IP Cam or something else) to keep the firmware always at the last update levelnamento.

More technical information on these security flaws is available at the VDOO site.

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