Xiaomi Mi Smart Home opens at Appthe HomeKits

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Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp 2

Following the steps of the rival LUMI, Xiaomi decides (not surprisingly) to adapt the propri domotic components of the profirst line Xiaomi Mi to the home standard Apple, HomeKit.

For now the announcement concerns three suns prolearned:

happened all the systems oflumination Wi-Fi.
Why coincidentally? Simple: adapt a component Wi-Fi ad AppHomeKit is not particularly burdensome for the proconductor; vice versa, the real challenge - which still is notappiamo if Xiaomi will collect - will be to adapt the Gateway Xiaomi (heart of home automation) Xiaomi Mi Smart Home"Mijia) so you can manage the components ZigBee of the line means Appthe Siri Home Kits.

The step of lawyersnameAt HomeKit, meanwhile, it has been done: these three lamp models can finally be controlled via Appthe HomeKit and Siri.

We'll see how, if and when Xiaomi prowill follow on this path.

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