Custom Component Home Assistant "SmartIR Fan"

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Proconductor: Vassilis Panos
Availability: At Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: custom component for Home Assistant
Implementation difficulties: bassa

Broadlink  RM  Pro

"SmartIR Fan"Is a variation of custom component (therefore external, unofficial)"SmartIR" for Home Assistant which allows you to configure at that HUB of the entity of type "Fan" which in turn control, via physical infrared / radio actuators Broadlink (RM Mini 3, RM PRO or similar models equipped with infrared and radio frequency) devices such as ceiling fans / blades, typically controlled by infrared remote control or radio frequency.

In essence this very simple component - combined with an actuator Broadlink - makes it easy to integrate into the profirst home automation based on HUB personal of non-native home automation devices, making them such. To this proPosito we recommend reading the page dedicated to domotization of what is not domotic.

Obviously, this type of implementation not only opens up the possibility to control these devices, but also to insert them in a wider range of features, such as trivially remote control and automation.

This component is updated cyclically with the availability of new infrared / radiofrequency codes and new configuration files to treat them; Furthermore, this our card illustrates how to capture codes in order to create them propri.

Since "SmartIR"Is a component additional and external a Home Assistant, it goes installed.
To do this you can do it Manually o, more easily, through HACS.


First you need to create a folder called "custom_components”(If not already present) inside the main installation directory of Home Assistant. This done, download the .zip package from the GIT page of the component and unzip it: it will then be sufficient to copy the folder “smartir"Contained within the directory"custom_components" above.

Nb in case of installation in the Linux environment (Raspberry, Ubuntu or other) after copying this folder it is necessary to correct the access rights to the folder, using the command "chmod". For example:

sudo chmod -R 0777 /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/custom_components

where the installation path is, appanointed, "/home/homeassistant/.homeassistant"


Starting from the 1.6.x version of the component support for the very convenient interface has been introduced HACS. It is recommended to install the component using the illustrated explanations in the card that illustrates this novelty.

It is also available on the repository a guide maximum related to the configuration.
The other two declensions of "SmartIR” I'm "SmartIR Climate" and "SmartIR Media Player"

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