FIBARO Motion Sensor (motion sensor, version Appthe HomeKits)

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Proconductor: FIBARO
Category: Sensore
Type: Sensorand movement
Technology: Bluetooth Low Energy
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.2
Fibaro Home - Motion Sensor

Compare the Motion Sensor of FIBARO to the iconic eye of Sauron de "The Lord of the Rings"It would seem obvious, because it is: raise your hand who, looking at the photo above, did not make a quick mental association with the image of director Peter Jackson. The magical world of Tolkien is apparently married to the magical world of personal home automation.

Part of the line "FIBARO Home", Motion Sensor is a sensor (or rather, a multi-sensor) from Poland FIBARO able to combine functionality, compactness and design in a single component. Proplaced in two versions - Appthe HomeKits e Z-Wave - in this review we will analyze the first, that dedicated to users of the bitten apple.


"The Eye" appare for theappanointed like a sphere about five centimeters in diameter which is fixed on a small curved base which allows it to be appobjected to a flat surface what to be wall mounted. Once placed on the base, the Motion Sensor it can be freely rotated to position it as you wish. The sensor is a lot beautiful and well built: the plastic, although not particularly thick, gives the unit a fair perception of strength.

The sphere is actually composed from two hemispheres which fit together: one of the two simply acts as tappor the other - the real unit e profirst - which accepts the power supply battery, an A123 at 3.3 volt (supplied) and the reset button.

The unit, in this compatible version Appthe HomeKits (mod. FGBHMS-001) that we tested (there is also a version of it Z-Wave) is actually based on proProtocol Bluetooth LE. The Motion Sensor HomeKit indeed it does not have connectivity Wi-Fi: the procedura of pairing is made from app Appthe "Casa" (on iOS and / or macOS) through, appgreasy, Bluetooth LE connection which, as is known, is not particularly energy intensive (unlike Wi-Fi). On account, the radio coverage is what it is, that is realistically not beyond the 15-20 meters (compared to a declared of the prodector of 50 meters). An aspect certainly not secondary in case of environments particolarmente large and / or multilevel.

As anticipated, it is of a motion sensor. The guaranteed coverage angle is around 90 °, while the declared distance is up to 7 meters, even if we have appurato a good reading only within the five. Motion SensorHowever, it is much more: in fact it is a multi-sensor, as it is also able to provide reading of the light present in the environment (in luxury) as well as the temperature.


The installation it is simple and immediate as for every HomeKit compatible component. After inserting the battery it is in fact sufficient to carry out theapp "Home" (taking care to have the bluetooth active on the device / computer) and select "Add accessory", then follow the on-screen instructions:

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At the end of the progives three new ones tile will be available for consultation as well as for management via automation (the latter only motion sensor).

Experience of use

The motion sensor works very well: we tested it in an environment with the presence of pets and we found a good comproplaced between sensitivity adjustment and the risk of obtaining false positives. The accuracy of the temperature reading is ± 0.5 ° C, while the operating range of the luminosity is 0-32000 lux. Customization is guaranteed through theapp Fibaro Home (obviously only for Appthe iOS), which allows the fine tuning of the various services guaranteed by the component.

Obviously once registered at "Casa" the component is manageable (even as trigger for automations) also through theapp Elgato “Eve". Among the various features, we especially liked one, although secondary: the "iris" color of the eye can be adjusted to vary automatically based on the temperature environment.

Fibaro Motion Sensor - Temperatures and colors

Remote control - not being a component Wi-Fi able to dialogue with a hypothetical cloud of the productor - is not natively guaranteed, except from theapp "Home" itself. In this case, remember the need imposed by HomeKit the constant presence of an iOS component at home (iPad, HomePod or Apple TV) connected to Wi-Fi and certainly with active Bluetooth. We tested this configuration and it works perfectly.


Said soon: the degree of compatibility recognized by produttore is almost zero.
The sensor is not in fact supported nor by Amazon Echo (Alexa) da Google Home (Assistant) nor even less with IFTTT.

FIBARO Multi Sensor (HomeKit version) is compatible only with Appthe HomeKits - with everything that goes with it, including the possibility to interrogate it through Siri ("... what is the temperature in the room?"). Obviously it is also compatible with the proman app previously mentioned mobile, FIBAROHome for iOS.

Domotics integrability

The degree of integrationunfortunately, it is the other sore point of this - otherwise interesting - sensor.

Besides the possibility of integrating it with theapp Elve "Eve" - which allows to expand the functionality of the HomeKit ecosystem, Fibaro Motion Sensor (version Apple HomeKit) cannot be integrated with anything else.

We made an attempt to check if at least the component "Appthe HomeKit controller support"Of Home Assistant was fortunately able to register and then integrate the component, but unfortunately the result was negative: this component queries the LAN and not Bluetooth to work, so the result was practically taken for granted.

Home Assistant✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️Not necessary: ​​the component is already compatible in itself Appthe HomeKits.
openHAB✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.
Domoticz✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.
Homey✖️Integration not available, component available only with Appthe HomeKits.


Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience

FIBARO Motion Sensor - BoAIl Motion Sensor of FIBARO (HomeKit version) is one of the motion sensors among the most valid and aesthetically pleasing tested so far by inDomus; we are convinced that a test performed on the same component but in version Z-Wave would have taken us to progive a very high rating, which unfortunately in this HomeKit version does not happen.

As can be seen from the analysis above, the multi-sensor totals very high values ​​on important aspects as quality and functionality. Unfortunately the evaluation decreases when we talk about user experience (for reasons related to the specifics of Appthe HomeKits illustrated above), but it is the degree of compatibility and integrability domotics to undermine the evaluation: the component works alone with AppHomeKit, and that's it. maybe a little bit for the price requested upon purchase, unless you are making the profirst personal home automation based on it in whole on the standard of Apple - without thinking that in a future this approstaff can change.

With this in mind - but alone in this light - the perplexities dissolve and, for inDomus, this component comes promoved with flying colors.

If we have the opportunity to review the version Z-Wave, you will be the first to be warned. Stay tuned!

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