Platform Home Assistant "Flux Light Adjustment "

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Proconductor: Home Assistant Community
Availability: included in thepersonale HUB Home Assistant
Category: software
Type: platform Home Assistant
Family: component "Switch” Home Assistant
Implementation difficulties: low

The “Flux Light Adjustment ", daughter of the component "Switch” di Home Assistant, serves to create a switch that, if activated, starts a mechanism that automatically adjusts the switch light temperature present in profirst home automation environment based to circadian rhythms. More luminose and cold during the day, gradually tending to warm orange towards late evening or dawn.

In practice, it is the equivalence of what the free software does on the monitor of our computers Flow which automatically adjusts the light temperature issued by the monitor based on the time of day.

It is therefore possible to equip ours with thelumidomestic (and non-domestic) nation of such automatism to automatically adjust the temperature of the white light (not to be confused with color or intensity) based at the time of day.

It goes without saying that the lights involved by this feature (activated via switch) they must already be configured presso Home Assistant through an integration and supports the management of the dynamic white temperature (Eg LEDs or bulbs integrated via the platform "Flux Led / Magic Light“).

Entity "Light" that only support on / off switching they are therefore not eligible to this type of use.


During the day (understood as the interval between “start_time" and "sunset_time") The platform will regulate light from a"start_colortemp"To one"sunset_colortemp". Immediately after sunset (understood as the interval between “sunset_time" and "stop_time") The lights will be regulated by a"sunset_colortemp"To one"stop_colortemp". If the lights will still be on after the "stop_time", The platform will keep the lights onstop_colortemp"Until shutdown.

The light temperature is specified in Kelvin degrees; accepted values ​​range from 1000 to 40000.
Low values ​​are close to red, high to blue.


the configuration basis of the platform at the file configuration.yaml it's pretty simple.
It is sufficient to insert an entry of this type:

# Esempio di entry su configuration.yaml
  - platform: flux
      - light.tavolo
      - light.cucina


lights(list, mandatory) List of lights involved by the functionality offered by the platform
name(string, optional) The name to associate with the switch. Default: "Flux"
start_time(time, optional) The start time of the day
stop_time(timetable, optional) Sunset time
start_colortemp(integer, optional) Starting temperature (in Kelvin degrees). Default: 4000
stop_colortemp(integer, optional) The temperature (in degrees Kelvin) of end. Default: 1900
sunset_colortemp(integer, optional) The temperature (in degrees Kelvin) of the tramondo. Default: 3000
brightness(integer, optional) The value of lumiof brilliance
disable_brightness_adjust(boolean, optional) If "true", the luminosity will not be changed in relation to the temperature of the light
transition(integer, optional) Transition time in seconds for light variation (high values ​​may not be supported). Default: 30
interval(integer, optional) Frequency in seconds as light is to be updated. Default: 30

Configuration example

# Esempio di entry su configuration.yaml
  - platform: flux
      - light.tavolo
      - light.cucina
    name: Fluxer
    start_time: '7:00'
    stop_time: '23:00'
    start_colortemp: 4000
    sunset_colortemp: 3000
    stop_colortemp: 1900
    brightness: 200
    disable_brightness_adjust: True
    mode: xy
    transition: 30
    interval: 60


on inDomus there is a guide appdedicated to implementation of this platform and this device.

Integrate a controller LED Wi-Fi "Magic Home" on Home Assistant

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