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Proconductor: miskui
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Implementation difficulties: low

The plugin "homebridge-mqtt-sonoffRF-receiver”Is a very comfortable add-on for Homebridge which allows to add to its configuration one or more "motion sensors" and / or "state-of-the-art switches" (StatelessProgrammableSwitch) which receive status changes (detecting presence / opening of the circuit breaker) starting by encoded 433mhz radio signals received from a ITEAD Sonoff RF Bridge riproprogrammed Sonoff-Tasmota.

... ehhhh?

Plan, we get there. πŸ™‚

In two words, bringing an example of real use, to create an anti-intrusion home automation system using Appthe HomeKits without buying "turnkey" solutions, you can use the chain:

magnetic sensors 433mhz + radio receiver + radio receiver plugin + Homebridge.

For example, if magnetic sensors are used Sonoff DW-1 paired with the radio receiver Sonoff RF Bridge - which must be reprogrammato with firmware Sonoff-Tasmota - this plugin allows you to configure on Homebridge of virtual accessories (they can be "impersonated" either) motion sensors that of switches without status – that is, they do not memorize the state they are in at a given time) which “activate” when the individual magnetic sensors Γ’ € “with an opening Γ’ €“ send a radio signal to the Sonoff RF Bridge, which sends a topic MQTT to the broker, who - via this plugin & Homebridge – communicates the change of state - and therefore the intrusion - to home automation Appthe Homekits.

The sequence is therefore:

  • the gate monitored by the magnetic sensor opens, then an 433mhz radio signal starts from the sensor
  • il Sonoff RF Bridge receives it, then generates an MQTT topic
  • the plugin, connected to the broker MQTT and registered to the topic above (via configuration), receives the topic and then triggers a stateless switch presence / opening detection event to Homebridge
  • Homebridge communicates the change of status to the accessory, or to Appthe HomeKits (on the iPhone / iPad)
  • a possible automation Apple HomeKit (turn on a siren present as an accessory on the home automation? send a notification to the iPhone / iPad?) prosee what it is for programmata.

This It's just a case of use: in reality any 433mhz radio signal received by a Sonoff RF Bridge riproprogrammed Sonoff-Tasmota it can be intercepted and therefore configured as an accessory (movement sensor / stateless switch) on Homebridge Γ’ € “for the use that is believed. For example, sources of 433mhz radio signals are remote controls for automatic gates, thus allowing us to control an accessory configured on Homebridge (then on home automation Appthe HomeKits) via a remote control.

On the site is available on projet to realize a door opening control system which uses probefore this plugin.

Nb Before embarking in the configuration of this plugin we recommend reading careful was originally the guide dedicated to the configuration of the MQTT components in the profirst home automation.

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