Tado° Intelligent thermostat

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Proconductor: Tado°
Category: Actuator / Sensore
Type: Climate control system
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Media
Ease of use: Middle / High
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1

Tado thermostat v3 +


- The "Smart thermostat Tado°”Is a solution by the German Tado GmbH designed to replace old-concept thermostats with a device that integrates traditional functions coupled with home automation control and management aimed at improving energy efficiency.

It is a particularly advanced home automation thermostat able to guarantee the user timely ignition management based not only on the time and temperature of the rooms, but also - automatically and intelligently - on:

  • effective presence of the occupants of the environment to be heated (self-extinguishing in case of abandonment of the plant, pre-ignition at the startnameoccupants' geographical position, adjustable);
  • climate of the area in which it is installed;
  • presence of finestre open.

In fact, traditional thermostats are based on lighting on comparison only of a given "target" temperature with that of the environment during a given period of time. The most banal of these devices are those incapable of distinguishing the days of the week, the most advanced allow a more accurate control, perhaps on a weekly basis.

That there has been a sharp drop in temperatures, whether the inhabitants are present or not: of all this a traditional thermostat is completely disinterested, causing a big inefficiency in terms of energy consumption.

Those home automation like this Tado° allow, as explained above, to actually make the thermostat function "intelligent", using features that up until a few years ago were attributable to pure science fiction.

Moreover, this type of technology guarantees the profirst home automation a punctual census of temperature and relative humidity of the rooms in which the thermostat is installed, together to the survey history and to the punctual analysis of the ignition trend.

If the adoption of this smart thermostat brings an almost immediate benefit in terms of energy efficiency (in addition to functionality), a further improvement can be achieved by joining it with one or more “thermostatic heads Tado°"Useful for precise regulation - in synergy with the thermostat itself - of the individual radiators, if the heating system is based on this traditional technology.

Nothing prevents you from using this thermostat with other heating technologies, where the current activation is by a traditional thermostat.

Models & Kits

The "Smart thermostat Tado°"Is available both in"Kit" that as an additional single element.

Il Kit (last version called "V3 +") is composed by:

  • Intelligent thermostat Tado°
  • Internet Bridge Tado°

The package (both of the kit and the additional head) contains the mounting templates and instructions; the installation can be carried out - with a minimum of manual skills - even autonomously.

The kit contains theInternet Bridge Tado° with relative power supply and connection cable and power supply.

TheInternet Bridge Tado° it's a small component Wi-Fi necessary to connect the thermostat installed in the environment to the internet cloud offered (included in the cost of the solution) from proconductor. This cloud is needed to enable intelligent power-up functions linked both to the actual presence / absence of the occupants of the environment and to the meteorological conditions, conditions that provide a perfection to the so-called domoticsnamento very accurate of the function algorithmsnamento - which helps to further fuel efficiency.

Internet Bridge tado°
Internet Bridge tado°

The adoption of the Thermostat only and allows heat management only if you are there physically present in the same environment as the device, or on the same Wi-Fi.

Devices can work:

  • independently, for the management of the thermal plant (only Thermostat / s);
  • independently, for the management of radiator temperatures by zones (only Thermostatic Head / s);
  • in concert, for the management of both proheat production and for zone management (Thermostat / i and Head / e).

The solution provides the availability for configuration and management of the devices through final management tools call "Tado°"(Mobile app for Android e iOS).

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The most recent version of the basic Kit is the V3 +. Unlike the V3, the V3 + basic kit includes the new App and presents an unspecified hardware improvement; for example, a newly developed chip set and greater compatibility.

The V2 and V3 basic kits provide by default the previous version of theApp, which does not provide no additional cost and through which I am available the automatic geolocation functions, functions that, with the version associated with V3 + provide for a abbonamemonthly payment of 2,99 euro. In the absence of this abbonameThese functions are manual.

Unlike the V3 base kit, the basic kit V2 contains the version of Bridge not compatible with Apple Homekits and without the button pairing.

Investment and savings

Although these technologies are certainly not cheap, the induced savings from lack of consumption (guaranteed by these control logics) it depreciates investment over time, more or less reduced also based on the surrounding conditions (thermal efficiency of the environment and of the systems themselves, climate, etc.).

Tado° Smart Thermostat Kit Basic V2no longer available
Tado° Smart Thermostat Kit Basic V3no longer available
Tado° Smart Thermostat Kit Basic V3 +updated price

Finally, Tado acknowledges a refund "Money Back"For those who, during the first year of purchase, they were not convincedof the investment made.


The degree of compatibility recognized by produttore - outside of that, native, with Tado° mobile app (For Android e iOS), is really very large.

Naturally the ecosystem Tado° supports:

Practically all.
It goes without saying that compatibility with the major smart speakers is to be understood as the ability to interrogate the various devices (heads, but also thermostats) and control their functions through voice commands.

Domotics integrability

Even in terms of home automation integrability, Tado° you do not miss anything: first of all, offers total compatibility with Home Assistant, which not only manages to detect the status of the devices as well as to drive them, but also to use the internal parameters as sensors to be included in home automation. In practice it is possible to integrate a thermal sensor per room where a component is present Tado° (which is a Thermostat and / or a Thermostatic Head). We have dedicated this integration an ad hoc guide.

It also has compatibility with openHAB, Domoticz e Homebrige, although compared to the latter the compatibility has been rendered useless since Tado° made compatible with Appthe HomeKits, natively, the devices (v3 version).

Final judgement

Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Tado Intelligent Thermostat - Buy on AmazonOur final judgment is positive: heating management with Tado° takes a snap upwards in a home automation key, introducing a new way of thinking and managing the supply of domestic heat, which introduces functionality and savings.

It is a solution complete, functional, aesthetically pleasing, fully integrable in home automation. Certainly it has a "negative" side, that is the cost: especially that of thermostatic heads is certainly not limited, especially if you decide to check (obviously) all home radiators, the cost of purchasing as many heads as there are radiators is not a trivial matter.

The single thermostat, instead, although it too is not given away, it is an affordable expense that, in itself, can perhaps be amortized in one or two cold seasons even just starting from the savings obtained from the lack of gas / fuel consumption introduced by the use of this technology.

About which version to buy, our advice falls on V3, as the V3 + (although technologically more advanced and less expensive) provides a abbonamemonthly in-app such as to allow exploiting all the automatic features (such as geolocation), which is why the final vote on the solution is not full.

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