Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 7 - door opening sensor

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Proconductor: Ateotec
Category: Sensore
Type: Sensorand opening gates
Technology: Z-Wave More
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.0

Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 7 - Package


To be sure of the opening status of one or more gates it is essential for any system of personal home automation who has between profirst, those for security monitoring. The reason is simple: even before preventing break-ins, knowing these states is useful to the user not only as information, but also to define closing or alerting automatisms.


Aeotec presents "Door / Window Sensor 7 “, The new version of its technology-based sensor Z-Wave (Plus) useful profor the monitoring of gates which inherits the already existing ones apprezzed characteristics of the previous version, adding to this new a whole series of important news.


Aeotec Door: Window Sensor  7

The sensor is composed of a main unit of 7 cm on the side for 2 of width e proDEPTH. The shell, in white plastic, hides and contains the real sensor e proand the capable 1 / 2 AA battery from 3 volt, guaranteed in this new model for a duration of over three years. The accessory unit is a small one centimeter-sized magnet; the two elements must be placed on the two leaves of the gate to be monitored, making sure that each one is placed on one of the two leaves and that, when the gate is closed, the two elements are placed side by side. The allontanameThe two units for opening the gate trigger the change of state from closed to open.

TheAeotec Door / Window Sensor 7 in reality it is more than a "simple" magnetic opening sensor: it is in fact equipped, inside it, with clamp contacts that allow it to be triggered by clean contact; moreover, it is also equipped with a tilt sensor. Obviously the sensor is able to provide the home automation with both opening and closing status.

Like all components Aeotec new generation dedicated to physical security (such as the Siren 6), theAeotec Door / Window Sensor 7 it is equipped not only with standards Z-Wave Plus, but it is also adherent to the specifications S2, which provide a triple layer of proanti-hacking wireless, which makes it among the safest sensors of its kind on the market.


Z-Wave More

As with any component based on proProtocol Z-Wave, the analysis in terms of compatibility it must be carried out in relation not so much to the direct compatibility that the component offers (physiologically nothing) as to that indirectly guaranteed by personal domotics at which the net Z-Wave - on which the component is attested - is managed.

If we consider - as we find it right to do in these cases - the possible compatibility by integrating the component into a personal HUB(as appromerged in the following paragraph), then this compatibility is maximum, as the adoption of personal HUBprovides compatibility to all smart speakers, ad AppHomeKit to IFTTT and much more.

Nb inDomus has tested the actuator in real use conditionsnamento a dongle Z-Wave Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5. No malfunctions were detected during the testsnameno loss of connection.

Domotics integrability

In terms of home automation integrability, Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 7 is properly prepared for use with HUB personal.


Usually with Home Assistant manage a network Z-Wave it's pretty simple; once this network has been defined (for example, with the help of Aeotec Z-Stick or similar) add a node like Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 7 theoretically it would be immediate. Unfortunately today this is not possible due to component obsolescence Open Z-Wave used by Home Assistant in 1.4 version. Given the compatibility of Aeotec Door / Window 7 with the 1.6 version, such integration will not be possible until Home Assistant don't update to this version of Open Z-Wave (of which, obviously, we will give you news not appena available).


Homey it's a personal hardware HUB equipped with antenna Z-Wave, which allows you to manage networks of this type: it goes without saying that it is able to integrate components Z-Wave generic; specifically, it is available aapp of specific integration, which allows full integration of all sensor functions.

openHAB and Domoticz

Also openHAB e Domoticz, as Home Assistant, natively support the management of networks Z-Wave, therefore also with these HUB it is possible to integrate the actuator.


Homebridge, BRIDGE software to make compatible with AppHomeKit devices that are not natively compatible with this standard do not seem to have a plugin that can be managed directly a network Z-Wave: it is more natural to imagine the availability of a plugin that allows Homebridge to dialogue with others HUB able to manage the component. This is the case - and it's just an example - of the plugin "homebridge-zway“, Which allows you to connect Homebridge with a server instance Z-Way, a software component that allows you to manage a network in its entirety Z-Wave starting from USB or similar antennas (eg. Aeotec Z-Stick).


  • you install Z-Way;
  • an antenna is configured on it Z-Wave (Eg. Aeotec Z-Stick) and consequently defines the profirst network Z-Wave;
  • let's get in theAeotec 6 Door / Window Sensor 7 in the network Z-Wave appen defined;
  • connects Homebridge to Z-Way through “homebridge-zway";
  • at this point theapp "Home" will see the accessory Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 7 as a sensor.

It works, but it makes more sense to manage the network directly Z-Wave from a HUB How Home Assistant o Homey and then through them "expose" the entities Z-Wave ad Appthe HomeKits.

Home Assistant✔️Support not guaranteed for obsolete version of Open Z-Wave in use by Home Assistant
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️Full support for networks and devices Z-Wave via Z-Way and its integration plugin
openHAB✔️Full support for networks and devices Z-Wave.
Domoticz✔️Full support for networks and devices Z-Wave.
Homey✔️Full support for networks and devices Z-Wave.

In terms of integrability and use with ecosystems Z-Wave market, we take that with Samsung SmartThings, Edge, Zipabox, HomeSeer, Ring, Open Z-Wave, nexi e FIBARO.


Detailed evaluation:
Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Aeotec Door: Window Sensor 7 - BoAIt is a level sensor.
Il Door / Window Sensor 7 di Aeotec it is banal the best sensor for the control of the passages so far tested by us: it is effective, well built, safe, very versatile especially for the almost unique possibility of being able to be triggered also by clean contact. The long battery life - counted in the integration towards the HUB - it is also a non-secondary plus. Security it is not a gameo: many installers of traditional systems look at this type of elements with skepticism - in some ways, rightly - but it is undeniable that in the field of personal domotics they are making great strides, and this excellent sensor is the reproit goes.Promoved with flying colors.

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