Aeotec Nano Dimmer Gen5

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Proconductor: Aeotec
Category: Actuator
Type: Switch/ dimmer for adjusting thelumination and small electric motors
Technology: Z-Wave Quicker
Installation difficulties: Media
Ease of use: Middle / High
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.2
Aeotec Nano Dimmer Gen5SMALL BUT VERSATILE

As long as it is to let the lights turn on / off via wall controls and the same control via home automation, none proproblem: market solutions they are the most disparate starting from very simple elements such as those of the family ITEAD, Shelly and so on. But when it comes to getting the same versatility in the field of regolazione intensity luminosa, everything changes: few, in fact, the possibilities offered by the really valid market.

Well, we discovered e profor you a particularly interesting actuator that covers this and other features: the Nano Dimmer Gen5 was originally the Aeotec.

It is a very small actuator for mains voltage 230v, home automation, based on technology Z-Wave Quicker and able to function as a switch and as a voltage regulator (dimmer), hence of lumistrength for incandescent bulbs and LEDs. Coupled with an additional element it can also control low voltage LEDs; another additional element allows dimming to be controlled by a wall regulator. We are talking about both of these accessory elements later.


The technology Z-Wave, as is known, is among the most apprezzed in the field of personal home automation. The reasons are many: great availability of components, great ease of use, exceeding the limits related to the size of the environment (typical when, for example, technologies are used as valid in any case ZigBee or, worse still, bluetooth) thanks to the adoption of philosophy mesh, which requires that every element of the network acts as a micro-repeater, thus generating networks capable of covering stable integers without the need for a particular technical preparation (something that is necessary, for example, by configuring mesh networks Wi-Fi). This actuator, being powered by 230v - those with battery do not offer this function - work from micro-ripetore, thus automatically extending the coverage of the profirst network Z-Wave.

Aeotec Nano Dimmer Gen5 - Contacts


The first striking feature of the Nano Dimmer of the Aeotec are the dimensions: just look at the pictures in our short video review (in lime) to guess, in the palm of your hand, how small it is: it measures only in fact 42 39,5 x x 20mm, almost (maybe) a miniaturization record for its category. Size matters: so small they allow installation in even rather small wall boxes.

Aeotec Nano Dimmer allows - in addition to switching on / off - to adjust the intensity luminosa of the lamp connected to it: its internal architecture allows to control very different lamps without creating annoying flickering effects. Through the adoption of an additional component (Aeotec Bypass) it is also possible to control the dimming of low voltage LED circuits (with absorption below 20 Watts).

Aeotec Nano Dimmer - lamp types

Another very important thing, the possible ways of feeding: the device, unlike others products, allows both phase and neutral connection or just the phase, thus allowing a connection without neutral which makes it easier to introduce into old-style electrical systems. The maximum load supported is of 1,2 Ampere of current, that is up to 274 Watt of resistive load. Furthermore, the actuator is able to supply domotics instantaneous absorption reading from the load to it appsilicate.

Control it can be done in three different ways. The first it is the one that does not include any external mechanical element, allowing control only through home automation. The second and third are similar: it is possible to connect a traditional switch / diverter (but in this way the regulation functions are lost, therefore only available through domotics) is a specific element of the line Aeotec, the WallSwipe, which basically offers a small touch surface to be mounted on the wall which, with it slipping of the fingertip, allows intensity adjustment lumiin addition to switching on / off. Objectively very hi-tech, very cool.

Aeotec Wallswipe - connected
'sAeotec WallSwipe.

Alternatively (or side by side) to the WallSwipe is the use of tactile command Aeotec WallMote (which acts not through a cable connection, as in the case of the WallSwipe, but via dialogue via the network Z-Wave).

The regulation of the lumiof brilliance (but also switching off and on) takes place in a way extremely soft, as from our video; Aeotec Nano Dimmer it is also made with particular attention to prevent surges that could damage the plant of thelumination downstream of it.

Finally, among the interesting features we point out the possibility of planning the switching on / off in a planned way, even in the event of a network down Z-Wave on which it is attested; it can also be used to control and regulate fans.


Z-Wave Quicker

As with any component based on proProtocol Z-Wave, the analysis in terms of compatibility it must be carried out in relation not so much to the direct compatibility that the component offers (physiologically nothing) as to that indirectly guaranteed by personal domotics at which the net Z-Wave - on which the component is attested - is managed.

If we consider - as we find it right to do in these cases - the possible compatibility by integrating the component into a personal HUB(as appromerged in the following paragraph), then this compatibility is maximum, as the adoption of personal HUBprovides compatibility to all smart speakers, ad AppHomeKit to IFTTT and much more.

Domotics integrability

In terms of home automation integrability, Aeotec Nano Dimmer Gen 5 does not present - as on the other hand in general the components Z-Wave – proproblems of any kind.


With Home Assistant manage a network Z-Wave it's pretty simple; once this network has been defined (for example, with the help of Aeotec Z-Stick or similar) add a node like Aeotec Nano Dimmer is immediate, so much so that it does not even require an ad hoc guide. After adding the dimmer to the network Z-Wave, this actuator appare in fact like aentity of type "Light"Which, of course, allows switching on / off and adjustment. The instantaneous electrical absorption reading is also available in the entity attributes.

This entity can then be directly used both at the frontend of theHUB both at automations, script, scenes and anything else.


Homey it's a personal hardware HUB equipped with antenna Z-Wave, which allows you to manage networks of this type: it goes without saying that it is able to integrate components Z-Wave generic; specifically, it is available aapp of specific integration, which allows full integration of all actuator functions, including instant absorption reading.

Integration of the components Z-Wave Aeotec on 'HUB Homey we have dedicated a guide .

openHAB and Domoticz

Also openHAB e Domoticz, as Home Assistant, natively support the management of networks Z-Wave, therefore also with these HUB it is possible to integrate the actuator.


Homebridge, BRIDGE software to make compatible with AppHomeKit devices that are not natively compatible with this standard do not seem to have a plugin that can be managed directly a network Z-Wave: it is more natural to imagine the availability of a plugin that allows Homebridge to dialogue with others HUB able to manage the component. This is the case - and it's just an example - of the plugin "homebridge-zway“, Which allows you to connect Homebridge with a server instance Z-Way, a software component that allows you to manage a network in its entirety Z-Wave starting from USB or similar antennas (eg. Aeotec Z-Stick).


  • you install Z-Way;
  • an antenna is configured on it Z-Wave (Eg. Aeotec Z-Stick) and consequently defines the profirst network Z-Wave;
  • let's get in theAeotec Nano Dimmer in the network Z-Wave appen defined;
  • connects Homebridge to Z-Way through “homebridge-zway";
  • at this point theapp "Home" will see the accessory Aeotec Nano Dimmer as a light point.

It works, but it makes more sense to manage the network directly Z-Wave from a HUB How Home Assistant o Homey and then through them "expose" the entities Z-Wave ad Appthe HomeKits.

Home Assistant✔️Full support for networks and devices Z-Wave.
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️Full support for networks and devices Z-Wave via Z-Way and its integration plugin
openHAB✔️Full support for networks and devices Z-Wave.
Domoticz✔️Full support for networks and devices Z-Wave.
Homey✔️Full support for networks and devices Z-Wave.


Detailed evaluation:
Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Aeotec Nano Dimmer Gen5 - BoAWhat we liked, and much, of this actuator is the undoubted quality: constructive, of procast, of functionnamestability and concept. Today it is, proprobably the best actuator of this type that we had the chance to test in the field.

The fact that it is based on proProtocol Z-Wave and obviously added: the simplicity combined with the great stability and reliability of this standard only adds to the overall value of the product. We really like the dimming effect, very soft, as well as the possibility of measuring the instant absorption of the load appsilicate.

What we liked the least instead it is the price: the amount requested for the dimmer is not indifferent. Not that it is unmotivated: as is known, you pay for quality, and this is undoubtedly a prohigh quality product. If other similar actuators cost half, a reason of course there.


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