Ambi Climate v2

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Proconductor: Ambi Climate
Category: Actuator
Type: Controller for climate systems
Technology: Wi-Fi / Infrared
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Middle / High
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.1
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We can be eveningsnameto affirm that the home automation actuators designed to control conditioning systemsnametraditional / air conditioning now are no longer a novelty: replace (or support) the classic infrared remote control with a functioning element able to fully control the unit (s) is now child's play.

The market proplaces many different solutions, which jostle to excel trying to offer that something extra that the atria do not have, or have but with different declensions. This is what perhaps led the procontractors of Ambi Climate, sui generis solution for the management and control of traditional air conditioning systems.

Ambi Climate (v2) is a small unit (10 x 8 x 4cm.) that can be placed as an ornament anywhere in the house - as long as the air conditioner / air conditioner to be controlled is visible - powered by USB, with a design that certainly differs from its opponents: in rigid plastic, it has a dome on its top a transparent dark plastic that hides the infrared LEDs receivers / emitters and, on the bottom, a apprezzabile pronatural wood wire that makes it very pleasant to the eye and to the touch.

As we will see, however, it is not so much aesthetics that differentiates the device from rivals how much the features: taking that for granted basis (control via infrared), is how it is administered to be interesting.

Ambi Climate v2 - Dimensions


Installation of Ambi Climate it's pretty simple. It is in fact sufficient to connect the power supply (supplied by the low-consumption USB power supply supplied) to the back of the unit, carry out theapp mobile (for iOS e Android), select "add device" and follow the proguided cedura. The only precautions must be those of positioning the unit "At sight" of the air conditioner to be checked (a few meters) and within the operating range was originally the proman Wi-Fi.

La profirst configuration cedola is articulated in three simple but fundamental phases: the definition of the absolute position of the device (geographical - after we will see why - and that inside the house), access to Wi-Fi and finally the identification of the model of air conditioner to be managed.

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In the rare case where the air conditioner model is not present in the database, Ambi Climate it can be "instructed" to learn the codes of the original remote control via an additional short one proauto cedureappyield.

Once the profirst configuration cedure, the unit can begin to operate both manually and automatically in the management of the air conditioning system.

App and functions

The heart of functionality proposed by Ambi Climate is given by the synergy of the unit itself, from theapp mobile and fromartificial intelligence guaranteed by the cloud of proconductor.

Ambi Climate it differs from other market solutions not so much for the presence of artificial intelligence in itself - in fact common to some competitors as well - as for mode with which this instrument is fed and educated. We understand why.


Regarding this mode, Ambi Climate is a rather typical infrared actuator. Once the initial configuration has been completed, in fact, it is possible to manually control the cooling system by selecting - via theapp – the desired operating mode (heating, cooling, AUTO, ventilation, etc.) by simultaneously selecting the target temperature and any specific characteristics of the system (air flow orientation, speed and more).

Interesting feature of Ambi Climate is the ability to automatically intercept any commands sent via the traditional remote control, with two immediate advantages: first, the alignment of the state of the plant at theapp and, second, the provision of "behavioral information" to Ambi's artificial intelligence Climate. We will soon understand why this point is so important.


It is in this scenario ("Comfort" mode) that Ambi Climate unveil that quid in addition that perhaps distinguishes it, really, from other solutions. Ambi Climate, in fact, exploits the machine learning to understand what "well-being" means to the user.

We are all very different. Some appthey set a very high regulated air conditioning (o low, points of view); others prefer only a small difference from the outside temperature. Others make humidity a crucial parameter, others still the bare raw temperature, and so on. Not only: some days - even compared to meteorology, time, the season - our perception of well-being varies.

Ambi Climate si proposes as a solution able to understand yourself which air conditioning model is the most apprezzed by the occupants of the house in which it is installed starting from a large number of parameters and different evaluations

The first crucial data that artificial intelligence appmakes prois directly by the user. In automatic mode, in fact, theapp Ambi Climate offers a very particular way of collecting information: it simply asks the user ... what proit goes. Hot? Cold? A little hot? Very cold? and so on: a list of simple and intuitive choices to make the device and its AI understand in time the degree of user well-being. Obviously the choices made are immediately reflected in an adjustment of the air conditioning system, progressive and attentive also with respect to consumption (eg signalingA little hot"The system could trigger an increase in minimum cooling power, but sufficient to return to comfort zone). Compatibility with major Smart Speakers also guarantees the user the possibility of providing this information with a voice command ("Alexa starts to get too hot in the room" etc).

Ambi Climate  -  App

Ambi Climate - Pentagon of comfort

In addition to this explicit information, Ambi's artificial intelligence Climate connects also many high parameters, starting from the time and the day, from the external climate, from the temperature and adjustment history applicensed in the environment: as mentioned, it is also able to perceive any ad hoc, manual adjustments, implemented using the original remote control of the air conditioner, for the benefit of theappautomatic yield which, over time, becomes increasingly punctual in automatically guaranteeing the right level of well-being and energy absorption.

Ambi Climate it is also equipped with an interesting statistical analysis system that allows the user to understand what the model is apprendered and implemented over time, as well as historical statistical data for the sole purpose of consultation.

Other features

As you can imagine, even Ambi Climate is equipped of a geolocation system guaranteed by theapp installed on the smartphone of the tenants: this enables not only the automatic configuration of the system switching off when all the occupants are abandoned, but also the pre-ignition when one or more of them is closer to home, guaranteeing to find the house correctly thermoregulated at profirst return.

Finally, the possibility is interesting to define simple but effective timers switch on / off (for example a timed switch-off, at night, for those who do not like to sleep with the air conditioning turned on all night).


The degree of compatibility recognized by produttore - outside of that, native, with the proman app mobile (for iOS e Android), is quite broad.

Natively Ambi Climate supports:

It goes without saying that compatibility with the major smart speakers is to be understood as the ability to control the unit and control its functions through voice commands - as well as powering the carappperformance, as shown above.

Compatibility is instead absent Appthe HomeKits. This, as we will see below, is however a proevading problem.

In terms of compatibility with air conditioners to be controlled, the solution works with air conditioners equipped with remote controls on which the various functions are visible: set temperature, mode, fan speed, etc. but also with more elementary on / off conditioners.

App for smartphone / tablet✔️AmbiClimate (For iOS e Android)
Google Home - Assistant✔️* only in English, for now - limit to be circumvented by integration (see later)
Amazon Echo - Alexa✔️* only in English, for now - limit to be circumvented by integration (see later)
Appthe HomeKits✖️Obtainable through home automation integration (see following paragraph)

Domotics integrability

The degree of home automation integrability is high.


Ambi Climate can be integrated with Home Assistant in a rather easy way. Each Ambi Climate integrated with this HUB is seen as one entity of type "Climate"

Tado Intelligent Air Conditioner - Home Assistant Entity

which contains various management attributes. Obviously all these attributes can be easily used in automations and other areas Home Assistant.

This type of candid integration Ambi Climate - among other things - a product valid for implementation of prostreamlining efficiency of domestic heating through Home Assistant.


Also Homebrige - which consists of ensuring compatibility Appthe HomeKits to devices that are not natively compatible with this standard - do not present proproblems of sorts: two different plugins allow integrating the actuator as a thermostat and the various sensor entries (eg temperature and relative humidity) as true and profirst sensors.

Ambi Climate - Homebridge
Ambi Climate integrated ad Appthe HomeKits.

Homey has an additional component to allow full integration, allowing you to manage all Ambi functions Climate also on this powerful personal hardware HUB. For prosee the integration simply install 'sapp additional e prosee the configuration step by step - rather elementary - proplaced by it.

No results proproblems either openHAB, while for Domoticz we found no trace of a software element useful for integration.

Home Assistant✔️
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️Double plugin to integrate the component as a thermostat and / or sensor / s.


Detailed evaluation:
Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Ambi Climate v2 - BoAWhat we really liked of Ambi Climate - in addition to aesthetics - is the engineering idea that underlies: that of using the carappperformance of artificial intelligence to offer a perfect thermo-regulation (but with an eye to consumption) in a completely automatic way is very interesting and well done. In the period of prowe have clearly perceived the capacity of the system - initially limping, then gradually more and more accurate and punctual - to recognize the needs of the user, so as to make people forget the presence of an air conditioning system. We liked the less theapp, which initially appears a bit chaotic but which, after having acquired a certain mastery, becomes absolutely adequate for the purpose.

On the price there is to say that actually it is not low, especially when compared to that of competitors, who tend to place themselves at around two thirds of the price requested for the purchase of this solution.

Vale, this surplus of cost, due to the features offered by Ambi Climate - beyond the undeniable aesthetic beauty?

Evaluation is, as always, absolutely personal.
Did we like it? Without a doubt, yes.

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