App Homey "Sonoff”

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Developer: Robert Klep
Availability: presso Apps Athom Store
Category: software
Type: component Homey
Implementation difficulties: medium / low

The purpose of this app Homey is to allow theintegration on that personal hardware HUB of family members ITEAD "Sonoff Smart Home” (original, without firmware modifications) and more generically of the components based on SOC ESP8266 which have been equipped with firmware Sonoff-Tasmota.

Theapp does not allow the integration of components with different firmware such as Espurna, Ravencore or others.

Some of the tested devices working with this one app I'm:

  • Sonoff Basic Wireless WiFi Switch (original firmware e Tasmota)
  • Sonoff S20 Smart Socket (original firmware e Tasmota)
  • Sonoff RF WiFi Wireless Smart Switch with RF Receiver (original firmware)
  • Sonoff Slampher (original firmware)
  • Sonoff RF Bridge (Tasmota)
  • Sonoff TH10 / TH16 (Tasmota)
  • Sonoff Dual (Tasmota)
  • Sonoff POW (Tasmota)

The components of the line ITEAD "Sonoff Smart Home” equipped with original firmware can be easily integrated on Homey through this component, provided it can no longer be used through theapp eWeLink which is used, however, for the first configuration of the device. Recently it emerged that newer versions of the firmware no longer allow integration; the solution may be to download a previous version and restore it on the device, or reprogrammar directly with firmware Sonoff-Tasmota.


In the presence of firmware Sonoff-Tasmota integration is always working and quite easy to implement. The important thing is that an MQTT broker is installed on the local network (installable on Homey thanks to this guide) and that the devices you want to integrate have the MQTT service correctly configured.


To implement this component we have realized a guide .

Homey Logo - Alpha 128ATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Homey, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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