Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+ (RM3)

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Proconductor: Broadlink
Category: Actuator
Type: Infrared and radio frequency code receiver / emitter
Technology: Wi-Fi / Infrared / Radiofrequency
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Middle / High
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.4
Broadlink  RM  Pro

Il Broadlink RM Pro is a device Wi-Fi expressly conceived to receive and send codes via infrared and radiofrequency signals. It replaces, in practice, to any infrared remote control (in the 38K band - in practice all) and / or any radiofrequency remote control (433 mhz but also 315 mhz, in the case of the model Pro+) with fixed code.

De facto it is the older brother of the Broadlink RM Mini 4, model able to send and receive "only" infrared codes.

Able to connect to our Wifi (2.4GHz b / g / n), theRM Mini Pro/Pro+ is managed through the proman app dedicated ("Broadlink E-Control”, Available for both Android and for Appi iOS) which in turn allows us to control all the devices normally controlled, as we said, by means of infrared / radio frequency remote controls (provided they fall within the operating parameters described above).

Essentially the Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+ is a useful device to replace the remote controls that we use everydaynamente, making them converge within theapp "Broadlink e-Control "in the form of" virtual remote controls ": after initializing procedura of pairing between the'app and the device will indeed be possible "Copy" the codes of the various remote controls within theapp, defining on the interface the corresponding virtual remote controls starting from those in possession.

Beyond the simple replacement of the remote controls, one of the most interesting functions is to be able to define "scenes", or command sequences, also composed of commands from different remote controls. Let's say, for example, that you have a multi-channel audio system with which you can listen to television: usually the proTo do this it would be to turn on the TV, reset the volume, turn on the system, and finally select the audio source. Two remote controls, four actions. With Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+, once the two remote controls have been configured on theapp"e-Control", just define one scene ad hoc that you make these sequences for us. At this point it will be sufficient to press once the button dedicated to the scene to execute this sequence automatically. Obviously, the field of applicense of scenes it is very vast.

Il Broadlink RM Mini 3 works within 12 meters of distance of the device to be controlled via infrared, while the radiofrequency transmission limit is limited by the type of environment (presence of obstacles, walls, etc.). They can live together, within the same Wifi, several specimens at the same time, so as to control multiple devices in different rooms, especially in the case of use with infrared.

Broadlink  RM  Pro/Pro+ internal detail
a detail of the "heart" of the device, with the 7 IR transmission LEDs in view

Clarity on models

Il Broadlink RM has undergone various updatesnameover time. The first model, theRM1, outside profor a long time, it had the same shape as the present one, but the plastic base it was red, so it was easily distinguishable:

Broadlink RM Home (RM1)
Il Broadlink RM Home (RM1)

Dall 'RM2 (2015) onwards the features of the device have taken over the current ones.
The recognition comes label placed under the device:

On, to the left, the label placed on the devices RM2; on the right, that of theRM3 (model recognizable also by the first three characters of the serial number, or "RM3".

The difference is also noticeable by opening the device:

Internal Broadlink RM2 - RM3

The model on the left is the most recent, that is theRM3; on the right, the older version RM2.

Finally, differently from what is said around, no of RMx owns a thermal sensor usable in home automation.

RM3 ?? And the Pro and the Pro+?

Il Broadlink RM3 it is in fact il Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+. I am indeed the same thing.

Then what is the difference between the RM Pro and the RM Pro+?

Also in this case it is always a question of Broadlink RM3, the difference (the only one) between the Pro and the Pro+ lies in the fact that the latter in addition to supporting the radio frequency frequency to 433mhz supports also the 315mhz frequency. Basically, the Pro+ is a slightly revised version compared to Pro, which however is still on the market.


In terms compatibility, Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+ is a device very interesting.

Natively offers full compatibility with Google Home e Amazon Alexa which therefore allows you to control the remote controls through voice commands. Also interesting is the presence of compatibility with the service IFTTT, which allows to perform actions, scenes, single commands through automations configured with this service.

Compatibility with the multisensor Broadlink A1 e-Air it also allows you to configure, through theapp "Broadlink e-Control ”(which in this scenario acts as HUB), multi-device scenes of the type "if the temperature rises above the 30 degrees"(Information procoming from the A1 thermal sensor) "then turn on the air conditioner”(Via infrared command of the RM Pro/Pro+).

You can also check the Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+ via the note applished here IHC (Intelligent Home Center) for Android e iOS.

None compatibility (direct) towards Appthe HomeKits is declared by proconductor.

App for smartphone / tablet✔️"Intelligent Home Center" (for Android and for OS) and "Broadlink E-Control" (for Android e iOS)
Google Home - Assistant✖️
Amazon Echo - Alexa✔️
Appthe HomeKits✖️Obtainable through home automation integration (see following paragraph)

Domotics integrability

Il Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+ presents a level of home automation integrability high.

On the front Home Assistant various components are available to manage the Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+, among which "Broadlink" and "SmartIR", Too protagonisti of various projets here on inDomus.

On the front Homebridge (to get indirect compatibility with Apple HomeKit) the wonderful plugin is available "homebridge-broadlink-rm"Heroic proprotagonist of many projets also here on inDomus.

Also for openHAB are available add-on dedicated, as well as for Domoticz.

Homey, personal hardware HUB by definition, it is not far behind: it has aapp integration to control this actuator.

Home Assistant✔️Perfect especially when managed by component "SmartIR"
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️Very versatile thanks to the use of the plug-in “homebridge-homebridge-rm"

On inDomus is available COLLABORATIVE ARCHIVE containing the codes collected so far by community users, prointended for use, for rapid and direct integration at HUB above mentioned personal names of the most disparate remote controls.

Final judgement

Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Broadlink  RM  Pro Pro+ RM3 - BoAThe devices Broadlink we like them a lot because they are cheap and allow us to integrate many devices into home automation that natively would not be "smart".

Gates, televisions, decoders, fans and air conditioners: the list of devices that can magically become piousnamedomotic systems - therefore automatable and controllable remotely, as well as in person - it is very long.

Il Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+ we like it even more than his younger brother Broadlink RM Mini 3 (which already we like a world in itself) because it can also manage devices controlled by radio frequency.

Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+, one of the most complete tools for make domotic what is not.


Examples of use

Like the younger brother (the Broadlink RM Mini 3), the RM Pro+ it's a celebrity. Here are some of ours projets based on this clever little infrared / radiofrequency actuator:

Home automation, the discreet charm of infrared

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