Broadlink A1 e-Air (multi-sensor)

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Proconductor: Broadlink
Category: Sensore
Type: Multi-sensor
Technology: Wi-Fi
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 1.2
Broadlink A1 e-Air

The "Broadlink A1 e-Air”Is a multifunctional home automation device dedicated to detection of environmental measures. Compact, powered via standard USB, cheap, the A1 is a candidate easy to implement to equip itself with home automation sensors capable of measuring:

  • temperature;
  • humidity;
  • air quality;
  • noise level;
  • lumiof brilliance.

The device, once powered by the cable and the USB power supply included in the package, is configured through its own applished here Broadlink E-Control (the same as the Broadlink RM Mini 4) available for Android and for Appthe iOS. At the end of the configuration, theapplished here show immediately the readings of the indicators listed above.

Theappcommunication also works through the cloud of Broadlink, permitting remote control without the need no additional configuration.

Broadlink e-Control - A1 e-Air
A1 e-Air on e-Control


A fundamental aspect, compatibility.
At the moment the Broadlink A1 e-Air does not offer a wide degree of compatibility. In fact it turns out to be compatible only with the service IFTTT, which allows to put it in communication with other devices Broadlink (like theRM Mini 4 or other RM models), which can be implemented upon reaching certain thresholds (eg activating a dehumidifier when a relative humidity threshold is reached).

Domotics integrability

Il Broadlink A1 e-Air it is pienameMarketplace integrable (all sensors) up Home Assistant via platform apposita, which by configuration bypasses the cloud Broadlink and allows the installation of this personale HUB to reach the device / sensor directly (GUIDA). For Homebridge there is an ad hoc plugin to register on AppHomeKit the only air quality sensor. Full compatibility for Domoticz (additional plugin), while for openHAB appear to be alone proopen source projects being developed.

He is piousnameintegrable a Homey, through app integration downloadable for free from Apps Store.

Final judgement

Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Broadlink A1 e-Air - Buy on AmazonThe A1 we like it because with a very limited expense you can equip yourself with five sensors that, if drowned in the configuration by the proprio personal HUBand therefore of the proIn addition to home automation, they provide us with useful readings not only for consultation but also for automation. But we should not expect much: temperature and humidity are not punctual as in the case of sensors such as those associated with Sonoff TH-16 / 10-TH, while the readings of air quality, environmental noise and luminosities provide non-punctual data (respectively in terms of PMA, in db and lux) but only of “coarse grain”.

La air quality provides in fact four levels ("Excellent", "Good", "Normal", "Bad"), the noise level three ("Silent", "Normal", "Noisy"), the level of lumiof brilliance four ("Buio", "Illumiborn "," Normal "," Very lumiI do not know").

Of course: it is not a product of the highest quality as could be theAeotec Multisensor 6 Gen5, to name just one, but it is also true what almost half. Edit: We have had an A1 e-Air for more than a year now, and it still works without ever proBlema. We are definitely trustworthy.

Add the sensors of the Broadlink A1 e-Air a Home Assistant


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