Broadlink Manager

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Proconductor: tech-blog
Availability: at SOURCEFORCE
Category: tool
Type: flasher
Difficulty of use: low

"Broadlink Manager”Is a very simple tool for Windows free available on SourceForce dedicated to sending but above all to capture of infrared and / or radio-frequency codes.

This tool allows you to avoid the typical delays rappproven by the traditional code capture through personal HUB(Homebridge, Home Assistant, openHAB etc), allowing us to capture, via a device Broadlink (RM Mini 4, RM PRO etc.) infrared and / or radiofrequency codes (the latter only with models like the RM PRO) with a few and very simple steps.

The obvious advantage in the use of "Broadlink Manager ”is in getting the captured code is in RAW format (useful for Home additionsbridge plugin-based "homebridge-broadlink-rm") Is in format Base64 (useful on Home Assistant with type components "SmartIR“).

Furthermore it allows, even after the acquisition, sending, so as to test immediately la goodness of the capturea.

An ad hoc guide dedicated to the use of this TOOL is available HERE.

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