Broadlink RM Mini 3

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Proconductor: Broadlink
Category: Actuator
Type: Infrared code receiver / emitter
Technology: Wi-Fi / Infrared
Installation difficulties: Bassa
Ease of use: Alta
Availability: Amazon
Review review: 2.4

Let's jump to the conclusions: the Broadlink RM Mini 3 is one of the actuators inevitable - in absolute - in the profirst personal home automation.

It is indeed a component as banal as it is ingenious: it is a small black plastic cylinder (four centimeters in diameter by five in height), powered by USB (hence ridiculous absorption), controlled by Wi-Fi and able to send and receive infrared rays. Such a statement would seem trivial, but the enormous value of this is hidden in this statement small, brilliant object.

Broadlink RM Mini 3Application: what they have (often) in common TV, Hi-Fi systems, air conditioners, fans, satellite decoders, bathroom fan heaters, ionizers, essence diffusers and so on and so forth? The remote control, usually infrared.

Every infrared remote control has the ability to send signals lumino Yes (in a spectrum not perceptible to the human eye) containing gods codes, specific for each function, able to trigger specific actions by the controlled appliance. The most classic example is that of the TV remote control: pressing the "1" button sends a specific code, "2" another and so on.

Il Broadlink RM Mini 3 is in practice capable of "apprender ”the remote control codes e prosee to send them in their place.
But why would this "impersonating" more remotes be so brilliant?

It's all about compatibility e home automation integrability.


Even in the absence of a structured personal domotics, the degree compatibility offered by Broadlink RM Mini 3 it is such as to make it, by itself, very useful.

The device is in fact basic compatible with the proman app "Intelligent Home Center" (for Android and for Appi iOS) which allows you to configure (one or more) Broadlink RM Mini 3 on proman Wi-Fi domestic, after which it becomes thebridge”To acquire the codes of the proprior remote controls and then send them. Essentially the profirst cellphone / tablet becomes one virtual remote control containing the rapplogical resentation of all propri remotes.

Beyond the simple replacement of the remote controls, one of the most interesting functions is to be able to define "scenes", or command sequences, also composed of commands from different remote controls. Let's say, for example, that you have a multi-channel audio system with which you can listen to television: usually the proTo do this it would be to turn on the TV, reset the volume, turn on the system, and finally select the audio source. Two remote controls, four actions. Through Broadlink RM Mini 3, once the two remote controls are configured on theapp"IHC", just define one scene ad hoc that you make these sequences for us. At this point it will be sufficient to press once the button dedicated to the scene to execute this sequence automatically. Obviously, the field of applicense of scenes it is very vast.

The possibility is also interesting - always through theapp "Intelligent Home Center”- to check our appliances even from outside the home. THE'app in fact it uses the cloud of the proproducer to be able to contact, remotely, our / i Broadlink RM Mini 3.

Broadlink RM Mini 3 is not compatible with Appthe HomeKits (but the solution exists, we talk about it later) nor Google Home (Assistant) (although, for the latter, they exist of escamotage). For Amazon Echo (Alexa) it is available instead a control skill useful to drive the behavior of the component through the intelligent speakers of Amazon: it is therefore possible to ask Alexa to access the TV, adjust the air conditioner and so on.

Broadlink RM Mini 3 it is also supported by IFTTT.

App for smartphone / tablet✔️"Intelligent Home Center" (for Android and for OS) and "Broadlink E-Control" (for Android e iOS)
Google Home - Assistant✔️
Amazon Echo - Alexa✔️
Appthe HomeKits✖️Obtainable through home automation integration (see following paragraph)

Domotics integrability

Excellent compatibility, but it is the degree of home automation integrability to make us define brilliant this small and inexpensive device.

Once "let in" into proman Wi-Fi, Broadlink RM Mini 3 can be controlled via the proman app mobile, but can become the real e profirst "armed wing" of our personal home automation based on HUB personal.Broadlink RM Mini 3 inclined

Home Assistant is widely supported. The component "Broadlink”Is the base that allows us to send arbitrary infrared codes through the device; then there are specific components such as "SmartIR"Which allows to define in configuration of the climate units (air conditioners, inverters, air conditioning) that are then controlled via infrared: in practice this allows us to domotize conditional unitsnametraditional methods. The same applies to also domotize TV, Hi-Fi systems etc. On the sidelines: through Home Assistant e Broadlink RM Mini 3 we were also able to domotize a robot vacuum cleaner. Just to say.

Homebridge certainly not least: the plugin "homebridge-homebridge-rm"Allows you to create every type of home automation accessory expected in the ecosystem Appthe HomeKits which then, in cascade, use the Broadlink RM Mini 3 to control appliances. On inDomos we have dedicated prodedicated jets to the domotization of traditional air conditioners, or to that of LED strips for the illumination, of fan heaters from bathroom (and not), and more. Obviously, the compatibility induced by the use through Homebridge also enables the functionnamethrough Siri.

OpenHAB e Domoticz they are not inferior: these too personal HUBhave a broad degree of compatibility, motivated ultimately by the fact that the Broadlink RM Mini 3 is basically a technically actuator commonplace to command away Wi-Fi, therefore once configured it is virtually controllable from any HUB personal.

Homeyfinally, it also has a app free add-on that allows you to integrate and then freely pilot this great little actuator

Home Assistant✔️Perfect especially when managed by component "SmartIR"
Homebridge (Appthe HomeKits)✔️Very versatile thanks to the use of the plug-in “homebridge-homebridge-rm"


Il Broadlink RM Mini 3 feeds at 5 volt via standard USB cable (so it can be connected to any USB port) and consumes practically nothing, under the watt. Connects to networks Wi-Fi (2.4GHz b / g / n).

Il Broadlink RM Mini 3 works within 12 meters of distance of the device to be controlled. They can live together, within the same Wifi, several specimens at the same time, so as to control multiple devices in different rooms.

Inside, the Broadlink RM Mini 3 appare so (note the i seven infrared LEDs reception / sending signals placed on top of the unit):

Broadlink RM Mini 3 teardownIl Broadlink RM Mini 3 is the younger brother of Broadlink RM Pro/Pro+ (RM3), which is able to receive / send also radiofrequency signals (convenient for checking gates, gates etc.).

In the same Wi-Fi they can live together more Broadlink, which in turn can theoretically control unlimited devices (the important thing is that they are "at sight" and within 12 meters maximum).

Prosummary view
Supply voltage5V DC 1A (Micro USB)
Infrared transmission frequency38Khz
Operating temperature0 ° - 50 °
Maximum humidity85%
Frequency Wi-Fi2,4Ghz 802.11b / g / n
Power consumption in standby≤0,88W
Operating rangeAbout 8 meters
Dimension55 55 x x 64,5mm
Weight95,5 g


Detailed evaluation:

Constructive quality
Use: quality and experience
Broadlink RM Mini 3 - BoAIl Broadlink RM Mini 3 it is the key to being able to make many of the non-domotic home appliances domotic.

What maybe it is the most widespread use is the one linked to the control of air conditioners: being able to control - even remotely - our climate devices is a great step forward, also and above all in the use with the HUB personal.

Furthermore, theapp "Intelligent Home Center"Is also compatible with the multi-sensor Broadlink A1 e-Air, which allows to define control scenes starting from the thermal detection (eg. "in case the domestic temperature exceeds 25 degrees, turn on the air conditioner“).

Broadlink RM Mini 3 we love it because it costs nothing and literally allows us to do magic both inside and outside our personal home automation.

Examples of use

On inDomus the Broadlink RM Mini 3 it's a celebrity. Here are some of the projets based on this brilliant little infrared actuator:

Home automation, the discreet charm of infrared


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