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Availability: included in thepersonale HUB Home Assistant
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Implementation difficulties: variable based on the chosen integration platform (s)
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A well-made personal home automation he cannot disregard his ability to "communicate" proactively towards the occupants the environment in which the home automation itself has fallen. Alarms, reaching thermal thresholds, activating and deactivating systems: the number of scenarios for which one or more users can / should be notified of something is limited only by imagination.

For prosee notifications, Home Assistant has in itself a versatile component called "E-mail Notifications"Which allows, through a whole series of platforms connected to it, a wide choice of notification methods and techniques.

Among the platforms most used for notifications there are those dedicated to devices AppiOS and Android (through theapp mobile “Home Assistant Companion"), The more general ones they exploit Telegram, Google Hangouts, Pushbullet, sending email, Discord, Facebook, Twitter and so on and so forth.

It is certainly possible to use multiple notification platforms at the same time.
The complete list integration platforms linked to this component is available here (constantly updated).


The configuration of the component varies - as can be easily understood - from platform to platform.
As an example we report the block to be inserted on configuration.yaml related to the relative notifications platform Pushbullet:

  - platform: pushbullet
    api_key: API_KEY_SERVIZIO


The use of this component introduces a single service called "notify"

Service data attributesOptionalDescription
messageNo.text of the notification
Yuptitle, if any, of the notification (if supported by the platform in use)
Yupsome platforms plan to specifically indicate one or more recipients, indicated by this attribute
Yupsome platforms allow you to attach other data structures (images, etc.), indicated by this attribute

It is possible to configure notifications also using a template via “data_template". This allows you to exploit and add the states of the entity within the notifications themselves.


Some good example of implementation comes from the use of platforms such as:

Projets and guides on inDomus

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