Custom Component Home Assistant "Alexa Media Player”

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Proconductor: Keaton Taylor
Availability: At Git repositoryHub
Category: software
Type: custom component for Home Assistant
Implementation difficulties: low

Amazon Alexa

"Alexa Media Player"Is a custom component (therefore external, unofficial) for Home Assistant which allows you to integrate devices based on the assistant Amazon Alexa.

These devices can be Amazon Echo, smart speaker compatible with Amazon Alexa, the same one app mobile "Alexa" (for Android e iOS) and any virtual devices dedicated to development.

The purpose of the component is to integrate these devices such as entity of type "Media Player"Of Home Assistant in order to:

  • view the status of ri from frontendpromusic production;
  • set up the repromusical production, from frontend as street automation;
  • set the volume;
  • intercept its operational status;
  • use it as a notification system.

Functions closely related to the ripromusic production are:

  • play / pause / stop;
  • prossima / previous (track);
  • volume;
  • acquire on Home Assistant information about the piece in execution:
    • Title of the song;
    • artist name;
    • album name;
    • picture of the album cover.

The component also allows to start, in addition to the ripromusical production also sequences (or routines) provided on the assistant, for example the riproduction of weather and traffic information, or quick summaries (flash briefing) and more.

from version 1.3.0, "Alexa Media Player"Also supports the" Safe Home "mode of Amazon Alexa.

The component is freely downloaded from profirst Git repositoryHub and it is installed in the manner envisaged starting from the 0.88 version of Home Assistant, which provides for the definition of a specific folder for each custom component to be executed starting from the folder “custom_components"Or, alternatively, via HACS.

On the site is available a guide to understand how to integrate this component on Home Assistant.

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