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Proconductor: Home Assistant Community
Availability: included in thepersonale HUB Home Assistant
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Type: components Home Assistant
Implementation difficulties: low
NOTA IMPORTANTE: with the advent of the 2.x version of theapp Home Assistant Companion for Appthe iOS the component functions described in this sheet are deprecated in favor of the component Home Assistant "Mobile App". The careful reading of this card it is however strongly adviseda, because it describes in broad terms what can be done through theapp for iOS of Home Assistant.

Users Apple who use Home Assistant How personale HUB benefit of the existence ofapp mobile “Home Assistant Companion"Available for all iOS devices.

Appthe Logo

Home Assistant it has in fact the here described component "iOS"Which allows users to be provided by the aforementioned app:

  • notifications push Advanced (declination of the component "E-mail Notifications");
  • device tracking (declination of the component "Device Tracker");
  • home automation control;
  • integrations with app third-party.

ATTENTION. This component it is not to be confused with the component "HomeKit“, Which serves a completely different purpose, namely a expose the entity di Home Assistant towards'app "House of Apple. If this statement is not clear, it is first necessary to read carefully this card.

ATTENTION. This component it is not to be confused not even with the component "HomeKit controller support", Which serves to ensure that Home Assistant automatically recognize any compatible components Appthe HomeKits and “get them propri ”, thus allowing them to register and check them.

The present component It serves instead to connect il proprio personale HUB Home Assistant towards'appmobile communicationHome Assistant Companion" for Appthe iOS (with all the benefits of the list above).

Basic requirements

The requirements to exploit these features are as follows:

  • one or more devices Apple with version iOS 9 or higher (at least the 10 is warmly recommended);
  • Home Assistant 0.42.4 or higher for notification support push;
  • implementation of SSL certificates for connection to Home Assistant (our guide to get them is available here).

Activation of the "iOS" component causes Home Assistant also load the platforms automatically "Device Tracker"," Zeroconf "and"E-mail Notifications"



The "iOS" component is activated automatically (and therefore makes possible the connection between theapp "Home Assistant Companion" it's ours Home Assistant) in the following situations:

  • the component is active "Discovery”(Which allows the self-recognition of many families of home automation devices present in the propria domotica);
  • you are running theapplation "Home Assistant Companion "and you are in welcome screen.

Since the "Discovery" component checks the network every five minutes, it may take a few moments for theapp manages to communicate, for the first time, with Home Assistant.


To be sure the component is running correctly, the solution is to enter manually in configuration the following code block:


Configuration at theapp

Once theapp "Home Assistant Companion”It will require you to enter the address of our application Home Assistant password and the name by the device in the course of configuration:

Configuration Home Assistant Companion

Nb The password referred to is the one defined in the key “api_password"Of the block"http”At the file configuration.yaml.

Completed this operation, theapp will signal an "ok" on the items that apprelated items will be displayed to the configured platforms:

Home Assistant Companion - Apple iOS - Configured

At this point the iOS component will be operational.

Evidence at Home Assistant

Once integrated an iOS component at Home Assistant, the effects will be the following:

  • the file "know_devices.yaml"Will be enriched by a new element related to this device;
  • a new type entity will be created "Device Tracker";
  • a new type entity will be created "E-mail Notifications"

The file "know_devices.yaml"Will be enriched by a new element, for example:

  hide_if_away: false
  icon: mdi:apple
  name: "iPhone di Silvia"
  track: true

Set the key "track” a “false " will eliminate the corresponding type entity "Device Tracker"(And for example an iPad that always stays at home and therefore it doesn't make sense to use it as a tracker).


From here on theapp will communicate to Home Assistant the variations relative to the geographical position of the device means the extent "Device Tracker".
Profollowing in our example, the name of the entity in this case will be “device_tracker.iphone_di_silvia"


At this point a service derived from the "Notification" component will also be available, which will have a name given by the prefix "notify.ios_”And a suffix given by the device name.
Profollowing in our example, the name of the entity in this case will be “notify.ios_iphone_di_silvia"

Home Assistant Official LogoATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Home Assistant, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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